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Author Topic : Anyone else notice the judges?
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3/11/2018 4:06:39 PM reply with quote send message to Alibi Object to Post   

I noticed a lot of the old judges are popping back up in the show schedule for all breed shows not just specialties.

I'm pretty excited about it... I think it's fun. If we had all the old judges back, we'd have a huge pool of them.
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3/11/2018 4:22:05 PM reply with quote send message to Comet Poodles Object to Post

Yeah, unresolved glitch. It's been happening for a few months.

I still say Jeff should just open the old pool and leave it at that. No need to add new judges then.
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3/12/2018 12:33:29 AM reply with quote send message to Millton Object to Post

Yes, I noticed and I like the random judges popping up too.
The one advantage of not having dozens of judges is that there is a no handler judge available most days. I just don't have time to choose handlers for every breed, and it also stops me getting penalties for using too many handlers.

I am finding though, that I have some dogs that i thought would finish fairly easily but there just isn't a single good judge for them. If a dog doesn't have high HQ or Coat, but everything else is good, there isn't a judge for it.
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3/13/2018 11:30:43 AM reply with quote send message to GraceInGlory Object to Post

I like seeing the old judges pop up occasionally too happy :)

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A conformation dog show is not a comparison of one dog to another but a comparison of each dog to a judge's mental image of the ideal breed type as outlined in the individual breed's breed standard.