English Cocker Spaniel Studs

  - indicates a dog that requires approval to be used as a stud.  When using these studs, you may have to wait up to 24-hours to breed your bitch.  Dogs open for public stud can be used for breeding right now.

Dog Name SOP Color Owner Stud Fee
GCH CH Arienas Royal Occasion 95.9 Orange Roan Aoineadh Mor $50
GCH CH Artistri Rise of the King 96.2 Lemon Roan Artistri 2 $50
GCH CH OWL Seventh Wonder 95.7 Liver Roan and Tan Ugglans $50
GCH CH OWL Great Gatsby 95.7 Orange and White Ugglans $50
GCH CH Shadowstorm King of The Kings 96.0 Red (Black) Shadowstorm Kennels $25
CH CDCrosscroft Sovereign 96.0 Black and Tan Scarlett Ribbon Kennel $50
CH CDSeven Top Regulator 96.0 Blue Roan Scarlett Ribbon Kennel $50
CH Crosscroft Casino 96.1 Black Scarlett Ribbon Kennel $50
CH OWL Roland The Roadie 96.0 Black and Tan Ugglans $50
CH Gaylann16 High Moon Showdown 94.2 Orange Roan GaylanStudio1 $50
CH Gaylann16 The Shadow Nose 93.5 Black GaylanStudio2 $50
CH Gaylann16 Over The Moon 93.4 Black GaylanStudio2 $50
CH Into The Sunset At Arienas 95.6 Orange and White Aoineadh Mor $50
CH Arienas Jump To It 95.4 Orange and White Aoineadh Mor $50
CH Crosscroft Storybrook Jackpot 96.1 Liver Roan Crosscroft $50
CH Crosscroft Imperial 96.1 Red (Liver) Crosscroft $50
CH Crosscroft Headmaster 96.2 Orange Roan Crosscroft $50
CH Crosscroft Old Fashioned 96.1 Black White and Tan Crosscroft $50
CH Crosscroft Straight Up 96.0 Liver Crosscroft $50
CH Artistri Rembrandt 94.8 Orange Roan GaylanStudio2 $50
CH Royal Breeze Tenth Wonder 96.1 Black and White Royal Breeze $50
CH Brynwick Detente 96.2 Orange Roan Wessex $50
CH CDPicardy Bourbon 95.8 Liver Roan Scarlett Ribbon Kennel $25
CH Republic Ice Moon 95.6 Black Brooklands Kennel $25
CH Gaylann16 Java 93.8 Liver GaylanStudio2 $25
Royal Breeze Rockstar 95.8 Lemon Roan Royal Breeze $50
Crosscroft Stonehenge 95.8 Black Forty Seven $50
Seven Lurk Late 96.0 Lemon Roan Forty Seven $50
Brynwick Beguiled 95.8 Black and Tan Wessex $50
Brynwick Chevalier 95.8 Red (Black) Wessex $50
CDSeven Golden Eye 96.0 Orange Roan Scarlett Ribbon Kennel $50
Shadowstorm The Nothern King 96.0 Red (Black) Shadowstorm Kennels $50
Shandton3 Wizard 95.8 Red (Black) Shandton 3 $50
Red Rover Of Shandton3 95.8 Red (Black) Shandton 3 $50
Shadowstorm Armando 95.4 Lemon Roan Shadowstorm Kennels II $25
Gaylann16 Matheson 93.7 Red (Black) GaylanStudio2 $25
OWL Questionable Quentin 95.7 Orange Roan Ugglans $25
OWL Swedish Sven 95.8 Red (Black) Ugglans $25
OWL Talanted Teddy 95.8 Liver Ugglans $25
Arienas Zest For Life 95.4 Lemon Roan Aoineadh Mor $25
Royal Breeze Winter Sun 95.9 Red (Black) Royal Breeze $25
Gaylann16 Himalayan 93.5 Black and Tan GaylanStudio2 $25

Did you know?
The first obedience title is a CD, or "Companion Dog", which is earned through competition in the Novice obedience class.