Australian Shepherd Studs

  - indicates a dog that requires approval to be used as a stud.  When using these studs, you may have to wait up to 24-hours to breed your bitch.  Dogs open for public stud can be used for breeding right now.

Dog Name SOP Color Owner Stud Fee
GCH CH AirWolf Against The Law***** 99.4 Red Merle Tri AirWolf $200
GCH CH Dandy Black King 99.6 Black Dandylion Kennel $200
GCH CH Bowring Ice Kingdom 99.5 Black Tri Second Knight $200
GCH CH Bowring Raise A Glass 99.4 Red Tri Second Knight $150
GCH CH Dandy Burning Ember 99.1 Black Tri Rhoslyn Kennels $100
CH Dandy Trifecta 99.5 Black Tri Dandylion Kennel $200
CH Sweetbrier Samurai 99.6 Black and Tan Sweetbrier $200
CH Dandy Periwinkle 99.4 Black Tri Dandylion Kennel $100
CH Dandy Blue Legend 99.2 Blue Merle ManicMerle Aussies $100
CH Bowring Kid Creole 99.4 Black Tri Second Knight $100
CH Shaylynnes Haru 99.6 Black Tri Shaylynne $100
CH CDShaylynnes Viktor 99.6 Red Tri Shaylynne $100
CH Shaylynnes Rin 99.6 Black Tri Shaylynne $100
CH Sergeant Major At Tarren 99.3 Black Tri Cambrian Kennels $100
CH Shaylynnes Mars Orbit 99.5 Black Tri Shaylynne $50
CH Bowring Timmy Taylor 99.3 Black Tri Second Knight $50
CH Moons Hawk Eye 99.4 Double Merle MoonKennels17 $25
CH Shaylynnes Nagisa 99.5 Red Tri Shaylynne $25
CH Shaylynnes Rei 99.5 Black Tri Shaylynne $25
CH Shaylynnes Guang Hong 99.5 Red and Tan Shaylynne $25
CH Udogsgait Dynamo 98.6 Double Merle Rose Mountain $25
CH Moons Brilliant Heliotrope 99.3 Black Tri MoonKennels17 $25
CH Shaylynnes Makoto 99.5 Blue Merle Bi WesternStates $25
Dandy Misconduct 99.3 Red Tri Dandylion Kennel $100
Dandy Deep Blue 99.5 Black Tri Dandylion Kennel $100
ManicMerle Vindictive Seer 99.4 Red Merle Tri ManicMerle Aussies $100
Sweetbrier Hanz 99.6 Black and Tan Plus $100
Manics Joyful Motion 99.2 Black Tri ManicMerle Aussies $100
Manics Steel Moonstone 99.3 Blue Merle Tri ManicMerle Aussies $100
Manics Boone Cloud 99.5 Red Tri ManicMerle Aussies $100
Manics Wizard of the Hoop 99.5 Black Tri ManicMerle Aussies $100
Dandy Superstitious 99.3 Blue Merle Dandylion Kennel $100
Strikers Shake Down 99.1 Blue Merle Tri Freeway $100
Lanakila Red Devil 98.7 Red Lanakila $100
Lanakila Official Business 98.6 Red and Tan Lanakila $100
ESAN Colornote 99.4 Black Tri LilGyp Kennels $50
LilGyp What A Trickster 99.5 Blue Merle and Tan LilGyp Kennels $25
Pearl City Truman 99.2 Black and Tan Pearl City $25
Pearl City Kennëdy 99.2 Black Tri Pearl City $25
Shaylynnes Aiichiro 98.9 Black Tri Shaylynne $25
West.States Eagle Eye***** 99.4 Blue Merle Bi WesternStates $25
West.States Blue Omen 99.0 Blue Merle Bi WesternStates $25
SW Bucking Bronco 99.2 Black Bi WesternStates $25

The Kennel Club (UK) system, which is also used by the Australian National Kennel Council[1] and in other countries, is considered the most difficult to earn a title under.