Current Entries

Stealing Home 70 - Doberman Pinscher

Current Doberman Pinscher entries for the Stealing Home 70.  This show will be held on 12/28/2018 .

Name Owner Sex Born Handler
 VB Dressed Lady of Dracarys KonaBlechen Bitch 12/2/2018   Owner
 BRKs Valkyrie Black Raven Kennels Bitch 12/13/2018   Owner
 BRKs The Neverending Story Black Raven Kennels Bitch 12/13/2018   Owner
 VB King of Dracarys KonaBlechen Dog 12/2/2018   Owner
 Lolboter Johann Salvator Lolboter Dog 12/2/2018   Owner
 BRKs Ragnarok Black Raven Kennels Dog 12/13/2018   Owner
 EmRose Makin Money EmRose Kennel Bitch 10/7/2018   Owner
 EmRose Crack of Dawn EmRose Kennel Bitch 10/24/2018   Owner
 EmRose Chill in the Air EmRose Kennel Bitch 10/30/2018   Owner
 Masquerade Door To Tomorrow chocolateteapot Dog 9/6/2018   Owner
 EmRose Silver Lining EmRose Kennel Dog 10/6/2018   Owner
 ESAN Evil Eye EmRose Kennel Dog 10/28/2018   Owner
 Lunar Dark Side chocolateteapot Dog 11/2/2018   Owner
 VB Hidden Dracarys Queen KonaBlechen Bitch 11/9/2018   Owner
 VB Royal Hidden Angel KonaBlechen Bitch 11/9/2018   Owner
 VB Royal Dracarys Queen KonaBlechen Bitch 9/24/2018   Owner
 HiddenCove Mystic Lady KonaBlechen Bitch 10/17/2018   Owner
 VB Red Dragon Angel KonaBlechen Bitch 10/25/2018   Owner
 VB Beware Royal Princess KonaBlechen Bitch 10/25/2018   Owner
 VB Lady Dragons Eclipse KonaBlechen Bitch 11/2/2018   Owner
 BRKs Suspiciously Silent Black Raven Kennels Dog 9/19/2018   Owner
 VB Dragon Dreamer ScourgeRock123 Dog 10/7/2018   Owner
 VB Dressed of Dracarys King KonaBlechen Dog 10/7/2018   Owner
 VB Beware Son of Dragon KonaBlechen Dog 10/25/2018   Owner
 VB Royal Dracarys King KonaBlechen Dog 10/25/2018   Owner
 VB Powerful Hidden Dragon KonaBlechen Dog 11/2/2018   Owner
 VB Secret Eclipse of the Devil KonaBlechen Dog 11/2/2018   Owner
 BRKs Blackberry Rose Black Raven Kennels Dog 11/5/2018   Owner
 VB Ruling Dracarys Dragon KonaBlechen Dog 11/9/2018   Owner
 VB Dragon King KonaBlechen Dog 11/9/2018   Owner
 VB Red Dragon Eclipse KonaBlechen Dog 11/9/2018   Owner
Bred by Exhibitor
 VB Secret Red Lady of Dragons KonaBlechen Bitch 10/25/2018   Owner
 VB Mistress of Hidden Dragon KonaBlechen Bitch 11/2/2018   Owner
 VB Mysterious Lady of North KonaBlechen Bitch 11/2/2018   Owner
 BRKs Little Bit of Deception Black Raven Kennels Bitch 11/5/2018   Owner
 BRKs Pretty Little Liar Black Raven Kennels Bitch 11/5/2018   Owner
 VB Beware the Queen KonaBlechen Bitch 11/9/2018   Owner
1 to 1 1/2 Months
 VB Red Fire Dragon KonaBlechen Dog 11/16/2018   Owner
 EmRose Disturbed EmRose Kennel Dog 11/20/2018   Owner

Did you know?
The two largest American dog shows after Westminster are the National Dog Show (which is televised on Thanksgiving Day by NBC, usually after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade) and the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship.