Current Entries

Highland Games 104 - Keeshond

Current Keeshond entries for the Highland Games 104.  This show will be held on 8/21/2019 .

Name Owner Sex Born Handler
 Rivere Legacy Rivere Bitch 7/22/2019   Owner
 Rivere Limelight Rivere Dog 7/22/2019   Owner
 Carons Northern Dancer Cwm Ddu Bitch 4/23/2019   Owner
 Shelhond Irish Midnight shelhond Bitch 4/27/2019   Owner
 Shelhond Pale Moon Midnight shelhond Bitch 5/2/2019   Owner
 Carons Keisha Cwm Ddu Bitch 6/12/2019   Owner
 Carons Spin The Coin Cwm Ddu Bitch 6/12/2019   Owner
 Rivere Absent Minded Rivere Bitch 7/9/2019   Owner
 Rivere Supernova Rivere Bitch 7/21/2019   Owner
 Shelhond Spy Tempter shelhond Dog 4/23/2019   Owner
 Carons Torus Cwm Ddu Dog 4/23/2019   Owner
 Carons Milan Cwm Ddu Dog 5/7/2019   Owner
 Rivere Make Your Mark Rivere Dog 6/11/2019   Owner
 DenKees Welsh Tenor shelhond Dog 6/23/2019   Owner
Bred by Exhibitor
 Shelhond Irish Moon shelhond Bitch 5/8/2019   Owner
 Shelhond Irish Spy shelhond Bitch 5/15/2019   Owner
 Shelhond Irish Little shelhond Bitch 5/21/2019   Owner
 Shelhond Irish Paige shelhond Bitch 5/24/2019   Owner
 Shelhond Irish Tudor shelhond Bitch 5/28/2019   Owner
 Shelhond Irish Ziggy shelhond Bitch 6/12/2019   Owner
 Shelhond Pale Moon Opal shelhond Bitch 6/20/2019   Owner
 Carons Ophelia Cwm Ddu Bitch 7/2/2019   Owner
 Shelhond Spy Thunder shelhond Dog 6/19/2019   Owner
 Shelhond Spy Prince shelhond Dog 6/19/2019   Owner
1 to 1 1/2 Months
 Rivere Final Fantasy Rivere Bitch 7/15/2019   Owner
 Carons Paisley Cwm Ddu Bitch 7/17/2019   Owner
 Carons Ciara Cwm Ddu Bitch 7/17/2019   Owner
 Rivere Stellar Flare Rivere Bitch 7/17/2019   Owner
 Rivere Make Up Your Mind Rivere Bitch 7/21/2019   Owner

Did you know?
The sit for exam is a modified version of the Stand for Exam. It is generally used in novice level classes and requires the handler to order the dog to sit and then to move away from the dog the length of the leash. The judge will then approach the dog and pet the dog's head.