Judge Info - Scott Jackson

Showdog.com Judge Since Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not political at all. Moderate level of breed bias.


Each judge on ShowDog.Com gives a different amount of weight to each trait of the dogs that they judge in each show.  Below is a table of which traits Scott Jackson looks for.

Trait Importance
Head Very Low
Forequarter Very Low
Hindquarter Normal
Gait Normal
Top Neck and Back Low
Coat High
Size/Height Normal
Feet Low

Favorite Handlers

Each judge has a preference for certain handlers.  These preferences may be based on past experiences, showing style, or just plain old dirty politics.  This preference is completely separate from the quality of the exhibitor, which DOES come into play in the show ring.  Scott Jackson has been known to prefer the following handlers.

Rank Exhibitor
1 Ster Stockyard
2 Caryn Brumit
3 Flozell Tucker
4 Riely Whalen
5 Herb Bowe
6 Den Towler
7 Matt Moore
8 Coby Rodriguez
9 Alles Vickers
10 Jony Bewely
11 June Dixon
12 Nathia Barks
13 Greg Alexander
14 Edna Dixon
15 Nany Painter
16 Jay McHaney
17 Jennifer Oneil
18 Jamiel Leavens
19 Jessa McKinnley
20 Bill Meyer
21 John Rome
22 Beah McEwen
23 Katy Murrell
24 Peren Troy
25 Norma Young

Only the top 25 are listed for the sake of brevity.

Recent Judged Shows

Below is a list of the shows recently judged by this judge. 

Show Date Best in Show
Bombyx Bash 81 6/25/2018
June 2018 Lhasa Apso Nationals 6/24/2018
June 2018 Border Terrier Nationals 6/23/2018
Alchemy 62 6/22/2018 Kohl TheLightOfFameAndFortune
June 2018 Pug Nationals 6/21/2018
June 2018 Weimaraner Nationals 6/20/2018
June 2018 Alaskan Klee Kai Nationals 6/19/2018
Highland Games 87 6/18/2018 Fingerprint Just One Reason
June 2018 Miniature Schnauzer Nationals 6/17/2018
June 2018 Field Spaniel Nationals 6/16/2018

Did you know?
In the United Kingdom, the international championship show Crufts was first held in 1891.