Shows Sponsored by gaylanstudio3

The following is a list of all shows sponsored by gaylanstudio3 . 

Show Date Judge Breed Entries
GaylanStudio November 9th All Bree 11/9/2018 Terrance Lloyd All 69
ACS October 25th Specialty 10/25/2018 Maria Brandt American Cocker Spaniel 21
WFT October 21st Secialty 10/21/2018 Betty Price Wire Fox Terrier 19
SFT October 21st Secialty 10/21/2018 Modesto Clem Smooth Fox Terrier 0
Saluki October 21st Secialty 10/21/2018 Michelle Hamilton Saluki 2
Pharaoh Hound October 21st Specialty 10/21/2018 Jonathan Jackson Pharaoh Hound 6
Greyhound October 21st Secialty 10/21/2018 Diane Garrett Greyhound 3
Basenji October 21st Secialty 10/21/2018 Maria Santiago Basenji 10
Airedale Terrier October 21st Special 10/21/2018 Maria Brandt Airedale Terrier 11
GaylanStudio October 20th All Breed 10/20/2018 Sheldon Hansen All 119
ECS October 25th Specialty 10/6/2018 Keven Ta English Cocker Spaniel 17
GaylanStudio October 5th All Breed 10/5/2018 Jimmy James All 440
GaylanStudio September 23rd All Breed 9/23/2018 Roy Rick All 456
GaylanStudio September 7th All Breed 9/7/2018 Myron Carlo All 724
GaylanStudio August 14th All Breed 8/14/2018 Diane Garrett All 648
GaylanStudio August 3rd All Breed 8/3/2018 Mary Marshall All 452
GaylanStudio July 17th All Breed 7/17/2018 Carlos Stewart All 597
Whippet June 29th Specialty 6/29/2018 Angel Yeung Whippet 38
Saluki June 29th Specialty 6/29/2018 Richard Mitchell Saluki 13
Pharaoh Hound June 29th Specialty 6/29/2018 Linda Gross Pharaoh Hound 5
Greyhound June 29th Specialty 6/29/2018 Sarah Smith Greyhound 7
Afghan Hound June 29th Specialty 6/29/2018 William Jones Afghan Hound 51
Saluki June 26th Specialty 6/26/2018 Joseph Grant Saluki 13
GaylanStudio June 13th All Breed 6/13/2018 Stephanie Brawley All 608
GaylanStudio May 30th All Breed 5/30/2018 Randal Harris All 1,552
GaylanStudio May 10th All Breed 5/10/2018 Martin Lee All 640
GaylanStudio April 28th All Breed 4/28/2018 Peggy Thomas All 749
GaylanStudio April 12th All Breed 4/12/2018 Eric Fontenot All 1,150
Saluki March 30th Specialty 3/30/2018 Jess Ratliff Saluki 14
Saluki March 29th Specialty 3/29/2018 Matthew Phillips Saluki 12
Saluki March 23rd Specialty 3/23/2018 Steven Rice Saluki 12
Saluki March 22nd Specialty 3/22/2018 Maria Braun Saluki 13
GaylanStudio March 19th All Breed 3/19/2018 Cristi Langley All 613
Pharaoh Hound March 18th Specialty 3/18/2018 Lean Hoeffner Pharaoh Hound 10
GaylanStudio March 6th All Breed 3/6/2018 Joseph Jones All 918
GaylanStudio February 16th All Breed 2/16/2018 Oscar West All 1,056
GaylanStudio February 5th All Breed 2/5/2018 Oscar West All 1,460
GaylanStudio January 21st All Breed 1/21/2018 Martin Lee All 580
Saluki January 20th Specialty 1/20/2018 Jennifer Green Saluki 17
GaylanStudio January 10th All Breed 1/10/2018 Lorene Moore All 496
Saluki December 24th Specialty 12/24/2017 Bruce Diaz Saluki 16
GaylanStudio December 16th All Breed 12/16/2017 Joseph Jones All 558
Smooth Fox Specialty November 25 11/25/2017 Rachel Barnette Smooth Fox Terrier 16
GaylanStudio November 19th All Breed 11/19/2017 Genevieve Cyr All 614
GaylanStudio October 17th All Breed 10/17/2017 Michael Craig All 438
GaylanStudio October 14th All Breed 10/14/2017 Oscar West All 1,041
GaylanStudio October 11th All Breed 10/11/2017 Michael Craig All 501
GaylanStudio July 27 All Breed 7/27/2017 Andrew Nicholson All 462
GaylanStudio Saluki Specialty June21 6/21/2017 Brandon Gagnon Saluki 12
GaylanStudio Saluki Specialty June15 6/15/2017 Ronald Brooks Saluki 12
Gaylan Airedale Terrier Specialty 17.01.14 1/14/2017 William Carr Airedale Terrier 0
Gaylan Airedale Terrier Specialty 17.01.10 1/10/2017 Gary Hernandez Airedale Terrier 0
GaylanStudio February 19 All Breed 2/19/2016 Carlos Spann All 809
GaylanStudio February 16 All Breed 2/16/2016 Gloria Driscoll All 526
GaylanStudio February 13 All Breed 2/13/2016 Sarah Brush All 830
GaylanStudio February 10 All Breed 2/10/2016 Edward Thomas All 716
GaylanStudio February 07 All Breed 2/7/2016 Erik Morris All 509
GaylanStudio All Breed February 04 2/4/2016 Wilfredo Feaster All 351
Barktober GS Wire Fox Terrier Specialty 10/12/2015 Alexander Crossland Wire Fox Terrier 19
Barktober GS Irish Setter Specialty 10/7/2015 Erik Morris Irish Setter 10
Barktober GS ECS Specialty 10/7/2015 Amanda Nava English Cocker Spaniel 24
Barktober GS Gordon Setter Specialty 10/6/2015 Scott Jackson Gordon Setter 16
Barktober GS IRW Setter Specialty 10/5/2015 Eileen Miller Irish Red and White Setter 13
Barktober GS ES Specialty 10/5/2015 Edward Fincher English Setter 25
Barktober GS ACS Specialty 10/5/2015 Michelle Hamilton American Cocker Spaniel 29

Did you know?
The figure 8 exercise requires the team to heel in a figure 8 pattern either on or off leash. Generally two of the ring stewards will assist the judge with this exercise by acting as "posts", standing 8 feet apart, that the team walks around to form the loops of the figure 8.