Shows Sponsored by gaylanstudio3

The following is a list of all shows sponsored by gaylanstudio3 . 

Show Date Judge Breed Entries
GaylanStudio May 10th All Breed 5/10/2018 Martin Lee All 151
GaylanStudio April 28th All Breed 4/28/2018 Peggy Thomas All 366
GaylanStudio April 12th All Breed 4/12/2018 Eric Fontenot All 1,150
Saluki March 30th Specialty 3/30/2018 Jess Ratliff Saluki 14
Saluki March 29th Specialty 3/29/2018 Matthew Phillips Saluki 12
Saluki March 23rd Specialty 3/23/2018 Steven Rice Saluki 12
Saluki March 22nd Specialty 3/22/2018 Maria Braun Saluki 13
GaylanStudio March 19th All Breed 3/19/2018 Cristi Langley All 613
Pharaoh Hound March 18th Specialty 3/18/2018 Lean Hoeffner Pharaoh Hound 10
GaylanStudio March 6th All Breed 3/6/2018 Joseph Jones All 918
GaylanStudio February 16th All Breed 2/16/2018 Oscar West All 1,056
GaylanStudio February 5th All Breed 2/5/2018 Oscar West All 1,460
GaylanStudio January 21st All Breed 1/21/2018 Martin Lee All 580
Saluki January 20th Specialty 1/20/2018 Jennifer Green Saluki 17
GaylanStudio January 10th All Breed 1/10/2018 Lorene Moore All 496
Saluki December 24th Specialty 12/24/2017 Bruce Diaz Saluki 16
GaylanStudio December 16th All Breed 12/16/2017 Joseph Jones All 558
Smooth Fox Specialty November 25 11/25/2017 Rachel Barnette Smooth Fox Terrier 16
GaylanStudio November 19th All Breed 11/19/2017 Genevieve Cyr All 614
GaylanStudio October 17th All Breed 10/17/2017 Michael Craig All 438
GaylanStudio October 14th All Breed 10/14/2017 Oscar West All 1,041
GaylanStudio October 11th All Breed 10/11/2017 Michael Craig All 501
GaylanStudio July 27 All Breed 7/27/2017 Andrew Nicholson All 462
GaylanStudio Saluki Specialty June21 6/21/2017 Brandon Gagnon Saluki 12
GaylanStudio Saluki Specialty June15 6/15/2017 Ronald Brooks Saluki 12
Gaylan Airedale Terrier Specialty 17.01.14 1/14/2017 William Carr Airedale Terrier 0
Gaylan Airedale Terrier Specialty 17.01.10 1/10/2017 Gary Hernandez Airedale Terrier 0
GaylanStudio February 19 All Breed 2/19/2016 Carlos Spann All 809
GaylanStudio February 16 All Breed 2/16/2016 Gloria Driscoll All 526
GaylanStudio February 13 All Breed 2/13/2016 Sarah Brush All 830
GaylanStudio February 10 All Breed 2/10/2016 Edward Thomas All 716
GaylanStudio February 07 All Breed 2/7/2016 Erik Morris All 509
GaylanStudio All Breed February 04 2/4/2016 Wilfredo Feaster All 351
Barktober GS Wire Fox Terrier Specialty 10/12/2015 Alexander Crossland Wire Fox Terrier 19
Barktober GS Irish Setter Specialty 10/7/2015 Erik Morris Irish Setter 10
Barktober GS ECS Specialty 10/7/2015 Amanda Nava English Cocker Spaniel 24
Barktober GS Gordon Setter Specialty 10/6/2015 Scott Jackson Gordon Setter 16
Barktober GS IRW Setter Specialty 10/5/2015 Eileen Miller Irish Red and White Setter 13
Barktober GS ES Specialty 10/5/2015 Edward Fincher English Setter 25
Barktober GS ACS Specialty 10/5/2015 Michelle Hamilton American Cocker Spaniel 29

Did you know?
The sit for exam is a modified version of the Stand for Exam. It is generally used in novice level classes and requires the handler to order the dog to sit and then to move away from the dog the length of the leash. The judge will then approach the dog and pet the dog's head.