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Author Topic : What are your runs?
 Pembroke Pixie Kennel
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3/10/2019 12:03:19 PM reply with quote send message to Pembroke Pixie Kennel Object to Post   

Just for fun, and curious how people use the runs to organise their kennels.

I have 2 for my colour projects, one called Crown offspring and one called Duke offspring to prevent COI in my source project in the early stages. High SOP for my showing dogs, and source dogs for my, you guessed it, source dogs!
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3/10/2019 3:36:50 PM reply with quote send message to Emily.Rose Object to Post

I guess I've never really used runs. I used them, like once, but I did not prefer it. I, instead,use a naming system. Since I have all one breed, it works out for me. I have a few I keep for certain reasons, so I name them accordingly.

These are bitches I am currently showing.
CH Emily.Rose 16687593 TH1 [98.05 NO BREED]
CH Emily.Rose 16719774 [98.15 NO BREED]

These are bitches that have really crappy genetic quality, but I chose to keep them because they have great size, hindquarters and color.
Emily.Rose 16745331 [96.10 S-HQ-COLOR]
Emily.Rose 16745337 [96.00 S-HQ-COLOR]

These one have OK genetic quality, but I keep them because of color.
KerryDane 16738580 [97.70 Color]
KerryDane 16738573 [97.55 Color]

Then this dog needs a little extra watching nd sessioning until his show career starts on 3/29.
Emily.Rose 16736686 [**98.10** 3/29]

I hope all this make sense. I think if I actually intended to keep multiple breeds or really focus on different things of a breed, I would probably use runs. But this system really works well for me.
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3/10/2019 7:54:10 PM reply with quote send message to residential5 Object to Post

All my accounts have the main 5:

Brood puppies
Brood bitches
For Sale

Then a few also have buckets for color breeding, mainly in those breeds that have a lot of colors. If I have to bring genes up, but still have current sop colors to finish, I divide them so that I can focus while doing breedings.
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3/11/2019 3:25:58 PM reply with quote send message to Willowcreek Object to Post

I have in all my kennels from top to bottom:

Sessioning for Show
For Sale
Brood Bitches
Stud Dogs

I've had a bunch of different versions over the years but this is the one I stuck with and seem to find the most useful for how i do things.
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3/18/2019 12:53:00 PM reply with quote send message to Diasonia Object to Post

Mine are pretty easy.

Pups For Sale
Showing/Sessioning Dogs
Breeding Bitches/Studs

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3/18/2019 1:16:38 PM reply with quote send message to XiZang Object to Post

In most of my kennels I have:

Show String

In kennels with multiple breeds I have Dogs/Bitches by breed, ie:

Afghan Bitches
Afghan Dogs
Boxer Bitches
Box Dogs
then the rest with combined breeds in them

In some kennels where I only have 1 or 2 of a breed, I put dogs/bitches in one run, ie:

Bearded Collies

In kennels where I'm having a hard time getting rid of bitches, I might add a run for Broodies, just to keep them to breed again, but to remind me they are temporary and going to a new home after the next litter.
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3/19/2019 12:19:42 PM reply with quote send message to Gracefield Object to Post

under 30 brood
under 30 stud
 Nefarious Kennels
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3/19/2019 1:51:12 PM reply with quote send message to Nefarious Kennels Object to Post

I have mine broken down as:

Showing - Ch
Showing - GCh
For Sale

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