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 Little River Dog
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I randomly pop back in here to post about my pup Bentley, so here's my random post! He just turn 4 two weeks ago! It's kind of hard to believe hah We moved to Texas for me to work with an Army ROTC program for the past two years and will be moving again in May! Bentley is probably the best dog I could've ever asked for as my first "on my own" dog. When I adopted him, I was told ACDxBeagle... well four years and 50lbs later. I have a healthy 80 lbs non ACDxBeagle xD We're leaning toward the GSMD mix side of things.

Any ways... Here's some picture of my happy boy to share!

The day I got him...

And now...

Enjoy all laugh :D

Little River
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3/14/2019 11:45:45 AM reply with quote send message to GraceInGlory Object to Post

He's so handsome! Beautiful photos too, thanks for sharing happy :)
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3/14/2019 1:51:06 PM reply with quote send message to chocolateteapot Object to Post

Can def see Great Swiss or Entlebucher type there, who on earth thought that he was beagle cross ACD - give them a book on dog breeds to look at! good luck with him!
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3/14/2019 2:00:54 PM reply with quote send message to Diasonia Object to Post

He is a darling for sure and the colors are incredible. Also think there was Great Swiss somewhere.

Love the surprises you get when adopting. happy :))))

Thank you for sharing!

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