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Author Topic : Very late puppies and extra subs not appearing?
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10/10/2018 12:15:25 AM reply with quote send message to Lolboter Object to Post   

I had a litter due around 8 that have not yet happened, and took advantage of the extra subscription discounts, about 8 hours ago or more- and they havent appeared- is everything ok Jeff?
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10/16/2018 12:48:19 AM reply with quote send message to Amberline Object to Post

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I'm still waiting for my puppies that should have been born 6 hours ago.

It's difficult to play the game when you plan puppies/shows and they don't happen on time.

No shows running either.

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 Sand Prairie Flats
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10/16/2018 4:25:43 AM reply with quote send message to Sand Prairie Flats Object to Post

I had litters in all my kennels due between 11 AM and Noon yesterday that were never born. So it’s been stuck for quite awhile now.
 Clwyd Cockers
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10/17/2018 12:38:14 AM reply with quote send message to Clwyd Cockers Object to Post

I had been waiting for my puppies to drop tonight, supposedly 25 minutes before the cutoff.
No puppies....15 minutes puppies.
They were to be born at 11:35 PM my time.
By 11:50PM I thought to heck with it and sold my sessions.
I logged out at 11:55PM with no puppies.

I come back in just now, there are 4 puppies.
Born on Oct 16 at 1133 PM.
They weren’t born in my kennel at that time so where were they born? LMAO!! laugh :D

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