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Author Topic : Leaving Sealyhams
 Arcadia Meadows
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10/2/2018 9:33:08 AM reply with quote send message to Arcadia Meadows Object to Post   

I worked hard to get nice white with black markings and everything in my kennel is for sale. Make an offer and it will be accepted.
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10/2/2018 4:59:06 PM reply with quote send message to SColours Object to Post

Oh Arcadia

I hadn't realised you were working on colours too.

I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving. We've just had someone else come back to work on colours in Miniature.

PM me with any particularly good ones or lines you want to keep.
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10/7/2018 5:19:12 PM reply with quote send message to terryterrier Object to Post

What a shame you are leaving. Will try to purchase something, if it isn't too late.

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10/7/2018 8:39:43 PM reply with quote send message to Mensa Object to Post

yes, we will miss you ...I have liked the white and black ...=(

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