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Author Topic : Kennel Updates
 Dreisaiah Hundehutte
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Please be a part of this post and give us some of your kennel updates! Feel free to post numerous times as updates come.

Say if you get a new top SOP for your kennel (or overall)
Any show accomplishments
Color accomplishments
Cool traits or mixtures of traits
Breeding plans
Goals for the future

I look forward to hearing about your kennels.

 Dreisaiah Hundehutte
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I guess I'll start.

To introduce myself, I've been dipping in and out of the CC breed since I started on SD ten years ago. My first CC champion was born July 2008. Since then, I have bred almost 700 champions of varying breeds (so much clicking).

Lately, I've been having random high SOPs but not a lot of consistency in SOPs. I generally try and keep more of an eye on traits than SOP but sometimes can't help it.

My male I got really excited about was Saverio who ended up not being the greatest producer (although not the worst), so I'm glad I made his stud fee low. I was hoping enough people would show his pups to see if he could get a Bronze Sire--maybe it will happen yet but wouldn't be surprised if not. I see an early retirement with this one.

I have quite a few outcrosses at the moment that are of good quality as I've been bringing in old blood I've found, which I think is good news for the breed's gene pool. (There's not too limited of an amount of dogs that the COI can't get down to 0.)

My current highest SOPs are 97.75 to 97.8.

My worst SOP is 96.7 with the best traits so I'm hoping she will produce some good show puppers!

I started color breeding at a different kennel. I did that once for a couple years, then sold the kennel to someone who a couple months later deleted all the stock. : ( Now, 5 years later, I'm over it and want to try it again. Lol
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You're the reason the Cane Corso breed is interesting to me, Reina! I enjoy it the most out of all my breeds. Was considering color breeding as well at some point but not sure yet if I have the necessary patience.
My wow dog at the moment is this girl:, her traits are amazing and the SOP a total surprise (98.15!!). Can't wait
to see if she produces well.
 Dreisaiah Hundehutte
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Not too many higher SOPs here, but FINALLY after a long time, like a couple years, of keeping dogs whose traits are all white-numbered but SOP was average to below average.... I am now producing all white-numbered dogs with good showable SOP. I guess it was going to happen eventually but I'm glad I tried to stick with this. Guido is an example of this; Giordano, his sire, was also a 9w (9 white-numbered traits - personal slang for call name).

I'm also getting a massive amount of males of good SOPs but like no bitches. So if anyone wants a dog to show, hit me up. wink ;)

I got out of the Rotties recently which makes more room for more CCs. I just could NOT produce a 99.8 to save my life and their competition got really crappy (1 entry in every show).

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