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Author Topic : Decision made
 Halcyon Dreams
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8/6/2018 2:28:15 PM reply with quote send message to Halcyon Dreams Object to Post   

Hello all,

I’ve made the decision not to renew my subs in Oct. the pound is performing terribly against the dollar which means that the price of this game goes up for me. Taking this into account and the fact I find myself feeling resentful just lately 8 have decided to go. Recently Clywd reported that their messages to Admin are always responded to and sorted & when mine aren’t it makes me feel resentful and possibly less of a valued customer than others. I know that is my problem but I’m just explaining.

Anyway this is a heads up post really. This kennel holds my Borzoi, which are much of a muchness really but I’ve recently had some high show placing with some of them. So if anyone wants any of them & will use them to advance the breed and show then message me.

My Halcyon Desires kennel holds my Pointers and are the reason I’ve stayed so long, I’ve thought about just dropping to one kennel and holding on to these, but... anyway these are flawed in a sense that some have no colour & despite me finding the source of all the issues, it is now unresolvable I guess. I chose to keep breeding with uncoloured dogs, but I think that most will choose to avoid them. I’ve been working on fixing 10 traits in 4 areas of the top line & I think I’m there.

My halcyonlisa kennel holds Cavaliers I kept going back to this breed and they regularly get group placings.

In Halcyon Delight kennel I have a few Boxers, I may not have many but have had a recent BIS with them. I’ve also been doing Shih Tzu & recently am the only one in this breed entering shows so they need some interest. I’ve got a lot of Shih Tzu sitting in there that are colour project dogs because only Gold is a colour worthy of winning.

Halcyon Design holds Sealyhams & Greyhounds. The Sealy are fair to middling. The Greyhounds were starting to come good. It’s mainly white that is the colour of high SOP and I was working in some other colours too.

I won’t be putt8ng dogs up for sale immediately. My sub runs out in Oct but if you want to take any of my dogs and start up with them then please contact me. I really would hate for them to go to waste.
 Clwyd Cockers
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8/6/2018 3:51:47 PM reply with quote send message to Clwyd Cockers Object to Post

What a loss.
Can you keep one kennel going?

I had 5 kennels years ago and had to cut back to just 3.
I pay in Canadian $$
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8/6/2018 4:06:54 PM reply with quote send message to speedy2 Object to Post

Ah Lisa - I will be sorry to see you go.

I got you back into Pointers when you rejoined last. I've been getting nowhere with them recently, so will keep an eye on your kennels.

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8/6/2018 7:44:31 PM reply with quote send message to gaylanstudio Object to Post

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It's always sad to see someone go. I will join in the chorus to ask that you try to stay at a reduced level. Admin usually appears to ignore my messages too so don't take it personally - that too is sad and disappointing.

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 Rivacre Gundogs
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8/7/2018 5:28:05 AM reply with quote send message to Rivacre Gundogs Object to Post

It's sad to see you go, maybe the more people that have had enough of the lack of service in the game and leave might drive admin to actually do something about it.

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8/7/2018 8:37:43 AM reply with quote send message to speedy2 Object to Post

Sigh Lisa - you and I are in a number of breeds together, and you're in breeds I have thought of.

Of our common breeds you and I have been working towards the same aims.

Hate to see you go.
 Comet Poodles
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8/7/2018 10:17:05 AM reply with quote send message to Comet Poodles Object to Post

I wouldn't take the admin thing too personally. I have been waiting for a simple request since March but I've given up at this point. We are all being effected by it.
 TLSerendipity Kennels
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8/11/2018 10:10:35 PM reply with quote send message to TLSerendipity Kennels Object to Post

I'm sad to see you go!

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