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Author Topic : First Bronze Dam
 Berry Brits
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She actually earned her bronze dam a little while ago but she just produced another stunning pup for me so I just needed to brag! She’s my first bronze in the 7 years I’ve been here. laugh :D

GCH Berry Tempered Fate

She’s 95.45 SOP and just produced a 96.10 pup for me which is now the high SOP of the breed (I’m pretty sure at least). happy :) That’s a 0.65 SOP increase over her own, which I find kinda crazy! In the past she’s also given me a 95.90 girl, as well as just outstanding pups all around also including a 95.75 boy who is a multiple BISS winner and the top of the breed leaderboard right now. laugh :D

All in all I’m just so pleased with her, once I pull her out of conformation I’m planning to start her obedience so that she can get every title in the game. razz :p
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That is great - congratulations!

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