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Author Topic : Any interest in Estrela Mountain Dogs?
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Take two.

While I'm not ranked first in the breeders list. I am the longest breeder of EMDs, have the highest SOPs in the game, have won every national show and most BOBs at the SDWC this year and I am also always forever homing great pups.

I've just had ten litters drop containing quite a few 97.00 + pups that will end up forever homed because now days (and because I seem to be a hoarder) I'll only keep something over 97.10, ideally not even that low. Current highest SOP in the breed is 97.45 and she is a freak. Average in my kennel is about 97.10/15.

I know this clearly didn't work last time someone posted about the breed, seeing as there is no longer any other kennels with the breed. But if you want a start in this breed where you can go out in the ring and stand a chance, PM me. None have been listed for sale but I don't mind linking possible people to pups that they can have.

Only thing that I'll be asking is just drop me a note if/when you don't want a 'Kohl' prefixed dog, mostly because I tend to like to finish titling them happy :)

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Good to see you have encouraged a new player into the breed. Congratulations on your achievements.

I would be interested in buying a 97+ male puppy when you have one to spare? happy :)
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I appreciate your help in getting me started in the breed! I am enjoying them so far!

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