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Author Topic : Who sessions their dogs for sale????
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I would like to get a pup or adult that has been partially or fully sessioned, on top quality specialty ration (like 1777).
Doesn't matter which breed, but would like one that is close to 100 or at 100 SOP.
Being a Basic kennel, I am not able to feed special rations, so pup/adult must be placed on 1777 prior to me buying it.
Thank you.
 Berry Brits
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7/9/2018 5:17:24 PM reply with quote send message to Berry Brits Object to Post

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I placed this guy on reserve in my other kennel if you're interested in him:

He should be somewhat easy to finish, Collies are somewhat competitive though. happy :) I'll scavenge through my other kennels to see if I have other pups available too.

Update: This guy too!

They're both on 1777 rations. happy :) Schipperke are pretty laid back when it comes to showing so he should be easier to finish than the Collie. Feel free to take both if you want. laugh :D

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 Sukai Kennel
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7/9/2018 5:39:09 PM reply with quote send message to Sukai Kennel Object to Post

My friend gave me this one to put on my 1777 or puppy formula, once he reaches 13 i would switch him to the adult food for you,
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7/9/2018 8:02:50 PM reply with quote send message to DoggyPanache Object to Post

I have a Great Dane with SOP of 100. She is 10 days old. If you are interested in her, just make me any offer and I will keep her until she is 14 days and put her on the best adult food before I send her off.
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7/9/2018 10:06:06 PM reply with quote send message to BarStar Object to Post

Another option for you is buying a young pup from a breeder who has their pups on a 1777 food.

Usually by the time they hit 14 they are 20 in condition.

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I will session my sale pups if I can - usually have some everywhere. Airedale, Wire and Smooth Fox, Pharaoh Hound. Other breeds are mostly colour projects of some sort so not so good - lol.
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7/10/2018 5:10:37 PM reply with quote send message to SilknT Object to Post

With all these extra sessions I session my pups for sale as well as have them on top food.

I can't guarantee sale pups in all these breeds, but there are some. And none of them are at or near 100.

Silky Terriers, Wirehaired Pointing Griffons, Sealyham Terriers, Kooikerhondjes, Pointers, Greyhounds.

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