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Author Topic : Family Kennel Closing
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With a heavy heart sadly I have to leave the game for a bit, finances are hurting and I gotta tighten my belt a bit...I will definitely be back as I love this game, and hopefully some of you who grab up my stock from my 5 kennels can get me back on my feet later on. Most if not all the stock in each kennel (except BLUQUEST) are finishable. By the end of tonight I will have all offered on Quick Sale NO approval. Will miss you guys! Wish me luck, I need it! The economy sucks!

Also, if you choose to want more than one, offers are ON...make any offer, it's about keeping the line going, not making money.

Kennels/Breeds that will be up for sale are:

Squeaky318: Manchester Terriers
Blarney Stone Setters: Red and White Irish Setters
BluQuest: Low Sop Blue and Blue and Tan Manchesters I was trying to bring back
Breezy Oak: Shetland Sheepdogs
Imperial Afghans: Afghan Hounds

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I'm so sorry to hear this, Imperial.
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Considering a lot of your Afghans started with my better lines, you know I'll keep your lines going happy :)

Hopefully you won't be gone for too long.

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