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Author Topic : muzzle training
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I do train all mine to be accepting in and comfortable with a muzzle as a matter of course, just in case of the worst happening such as an accident and I have had one or two who would not let anyone else handle them.
I use food in the muzzle probably the same way you have, until they are happy to put their head in it, then i buckle it up and let them sit by me wearing it, they are on a lead and sitting quietly by my side. If they attempt to remove the muzzle with their feet or by rubbing, they are told no and stopped. Wearing a muzzle safely might one day be a matter of life or death, so just like walking to heel, or coming when called, they learn that it is not something up for negociation!!The next stage is walking in the house and garden wearing it, and then we get to wearing it outside. Once they are happy to put it on and walk with me wearing it, we usually stop at that stage, with the odd refresher course for the ones who might need it the most!
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I never owned a real basket muzzle, but I would use nylons on occasion just to get my dogs comfortable with the idea.

I just tie it on, pretend it's a joke, tell them that they're the best dog ever, take it off and give a treat. Act like it's nothing more than us being silly.

Granted I had Labradors, so there's not much that works them up and they're probably the safest dogs to handle in an emergency, ever. (Neither of my two show-bred Labs have ever even considered the possibility of reacting aggressively to anyone, anywhere, anytime.)

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