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Author Topic : Colour Codes - Genetic Model (Re-Posting)
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Re-posting this so it doesn't get lost. If anyone notices this getting near the bottom, please boost in case I forget.

K Locus – (Kb, ky)
A Locus – (Ay,at,a)
B Locus (B, b)
C Locus (C, cch, ce)
E Locus (E, e)
S Locus (S, sp)


Black 17%

Black & Tan 5%


Brown 10%
(KK, Kk)(AyAy,Ayat,Aya,atat,ata,aa)(bb)(CC,Ccch,Cce,cchcch,cchce,cece)(EE,Ee)(SS,Ssp)

Brown & Tan 5%

Buff 20%

Red 4%

Silver 5%

Sable 3%

Parti Color

Black & White 6%
(KK, Kk)(AyAy,Ayat,Aya,atat,ata,aa)(BB,Bb)(CC,Ccch,Cce,cchcch,cchce,cece)(EE,Ee)(spsp)

Black White & Tan 5%

Brown & White 5%
(KK, Kk)(AyAy,Ayat,Aya,atat,ata,aa)(bb)(CC,Ccch,Cce,cchcch,cchce,cece)(EE,Ee)(spsp)

Brown White & Tan 4%

Buff & White 2%

Red & White 5%

Silver & White 2%

Sable & White 2%

Had to be added to account for missing codes. Set at 0% of starter dogs:

Buff Bi-Color – 0%

Buff Tri-Color – 0%

Red Bi-Color – 0%

Red Tri-Color – 0%

Silver Bi-Color – 0%

Silver Tri-Color – 0%
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