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Author Topic : Farewell Missy :(
 Equity Danes
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My very first GcH bitch upon my return has passed away. Thank you to Country Meadow for selling this girl. She earned her Silver Merit. Not going to lie, did bring tears to my eyes. Thank you again CM, she was the foundation bitch for my fawns/brindles and even some of my harls.

Hell her top boy is also gone too.

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Unfortunately, we need to inform you that Equity`s Miss Demeanor V CM has died of old age.

We're sorry for your loss,

 Black Raven Kennels
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Damn, my Doberman also passed too! Not a good day for me. But the longevity... at least that is there. Special thanks to RFD for my foundation bitch upon BRKs return, too! We're all in Danes and Dobes haha. <3

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