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Author Topic : Block users
 KC Misty Meadows
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1/12/2018 10:28:38 PM reply with quote send message to KC Misty Meadows Object to Post   

Can Jeff block users in forum that post spam messages unrelated to our game just curious i can ignore them but feel like they are unwelcome
 Guiding Senjis
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1/13/2018 4:11:27 AM reply with quote send message to Guiding Senjis Object to Post

Yes Misty he can block them from the site, generally their goal is spamming not playing the game. I have mailed him but for some reason he hasn’t looked at my messages at all, they annoy me too.
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1/18/2018 3:34:47 AM reply with quote send message to Ouzo Object to Post

Apparently he's involved in calving so is pretty busy?

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