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Author Topic : What are your goals for 2018?
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Seeing what other people did in 2017 and their goals for 2018!

With Vendetta, I got another IPO3 and upgraded her conformation rating to SG. For 2018, I want to get another IPO3, AWD2, AWD3, lifetime breed survey, and some agility titles.

 SG Vendetta van den Heuvel IPO3 AWD1 PD1 P2 RN Kkl HOT, hips and elbows a1/a, DM carrier, MDR1 clear, VWD1 normal

For Khaleesi, I want multiple IPO3's and her lifetime breed survey.  She earned her IPO3 and PD1 last year.

SG Rossa van den Heuvel IPO3 AWD1 PD1 P1 Kkl HOT, hips and elbows a2/a, DM carrier, MDR1 clear, VWD1 clear

My first BHOT dog (Breeder Handler Owner Trained) earned his SDA FO and P1 as well as his SG show rating. For 2018, I want his BH, IPO1, and breed survey.

SG Azog z Glaurung FO, P1, SV 'a1' normal hips and elbows, DM clear, MDR1 normal, VWD1 normal

My border collie Moss jumped up to Pro-Novice in USBCHA herding trials last year. I really hope to get to atleast ranch by the end of the year.

Moss OFA Hips Good / Elbows Normal, CEA and CH clear, MDR1 normal, DM clear, TNS normal

My next up and coming girl I bred just turned 7 months old. So she is a bit young, but I hope to get her conformation rating and SDA FO and P1 this year.

Covert z Glaurung DM carrier, MDR1 normal, VWD1 normal

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 Red Pike Australian Shepherds
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Your dogs are beautiful!

I have two younger Aussies who are polar opposites. My male is shooting for his CGC (he failed first time but that was a while ago and he's less derpy now), he needs one more run to finish his CA but I'd like to get CAA by the end of fall. He's just been my goofy farm dog but has matured a lot recently. Going to put more basic obedience on him at the club then see where he's at. Rally and Barn Hunt would be good choices for him long term. My female is nine months and has a longe laundry list for 2018. She needs CGC, and all of CA. Her first fast cat is in April, and if she likes it then she will go for bcat too. She will be ready for her first obedience and/or rally trials within a few months, and I'd also like to try her in the breed ring. She deserves a shot. ??

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Targaryen, your dogs are so beautiful! A lot nicer than current show lines German Shepherds!
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My "dog" goals this year are to get my lab out dock diving again this summer, we are aiming to best out longest jump, start working on the high jump (maybe) and earn our first titles in the sport.

We will also continue on with our long term goal of becoming a therapy dog. She's only 16 months so she has some (read alot) of maturing to do ... hahaha

I would post photos but I don't remember how to do that anymore... lol
 Firebrand Akitas
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My goal is to finish my show male's championship and work on completing our Novice Barn Hunt Title.

Just keep swimming... LOL
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Thanks ESAN. My German shepherds are all working lines, so they look different than the German and American showlines. I think they are a lot of fun and very athletic.
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targaryen beautiful sound working dogs - as a longtime Shepherd fanatic i just couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what was in the rings in America!
To see someone working the breed as they should be is very heart warming. Only thing is, I'd love to see them working sheep too LOL!
Seriously, I know what hard work those qualifications take, congratulations!

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