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Author Topic : Question about Super Kennels
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12/29/2017 12:33:05 AM reply with quote send message to Millton Object to Post   

Hi, I am thinking of dedicating a second kennel to a breed, but...Can I show dogs from both kennels in the same show? I see some players doing it but am unsure whether it's really ok?
I believe you have to keep stud fees and sale prices as normal and not give yourself an advantage in that way, but I want to be clear about the showing aspect, before I go ahead.
Thanks in advance and a Happy New Year to all. happy :)
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12/29/2017 4:16:20 PM reply with quote send message to Aussiewolfsister Object to Post

I run two Keeshond kennels. When I show the dogs from these kennels I prefer not to show in the same shows and enter separate shows about 97% of the time.

I rarely mix the kennels in shows, I may do this, when another player may need a chance to get points on their dogs (Keeshonds don't have a lot of other players showing daily). And on the rare occasions I do, I prefer to do it in owner-handler shows.
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1/6/2018 5:08:34 PM reply with quote send message to PPvallhunds Object to Post

Providing you run the kennel as totally seperate kennels not one big kennel yes you can breed/show in both.

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Did you know?
In multi-breed and all-breed shows, the winners of all breeds within the kennel club's breed Groups then compete for Group placements.