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Author Topic : 18 Homebred 100.%SOP Dogs here!
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11/14/2017 9:53:18 AM reply with quote send message to BarbieDreams Object to Post

Plus one given to me,and 1 minus I gave to my mentor and the 1st 100.% 's stud owner.
I'm always too short on funds here though because I never raise a stud's fee or sell puppies (even the 100%'s littermates above $100.But being such a uber competitive breed I am unable to show many at the same time especially when many of the no-handler specialties cost $10-$20 per dog and per entries? I would have put this just in brags but I'm also looking for advice on both finances (besides feed adjustments) and since I'm much better at breeding any simple way to get these guys shown and finished...?
Also the person who's stud I used has already begun a second generation of 100.'s so they're ahead of me in that regard! Thanks everyone!
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11/14/2017 10:01:27 AM reply with quote send message to DoggyPanache Object to Post

Wow, and here I was so excited to get my first 100 girl. Are you selling any of them?
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11/14/2017 2:33:48 PM reply with quote send message to Zinga Object to Post


Well done!

I too am always over my limit with dogs and have to work to get them down. Being in something other than Danes, my pups are always sold for $100 and my stud fees are $25 - neither of these are a big earner for me.

Re funds - make sure that you log in every day to get the log in bonus of $50. Set your sessions to the maximum sessions with no salary - option 4. Use what you need each day and sell the rest. Using these tactics my kennels are generally close to maximum funds, so I use the $ to sponsor shows and specialties.
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Finance advice, it looks like your doing all the normal stuff to save money, so u need to be wise with your spending to waste as little as possible, looking at your dogs and the ones you have sessions and entered in shows you are not picking handlers, when you entre a show check out the judges page, if their info does not say they prefer to see the owner handle then always pick a handler. If they are not political at all go for the highest ranked one you can get, if they are political you want the highest ranked handler that is also on the judge a fab list.

If you don't pick handlers for judges who want them your wasting your entry fee and the sessions.

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11/29/2017 4:08:57 PM reply with quote send message to Marquetry Object to Post

Yikes! I knew we were getting close but I didn't realize we had hit the 100% mark to that extent already. Looks like it's about time for another reset as the last one doesn't appear to have worked as intended.

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