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New member here I was wondering how to get my condition up what is the best food. Also would like to know if certain breeds need certain food.
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As a standard member you have the option to create your own rations. On the ration creation page it will explain what the different ingredients do for the dog. When making it, I (and many other users) set the medications to 1 (lowest setting) as they have no visible affect.

If I have a dog I am sessioning to show, my ration is 1777 which is low medicines/vaccines, high protein, fat, and vitamin e. The protein helps raise the muscle tone, fat helps raise the condition of the dog, and vitamin e helps raise the coat condition.

If I have a brood girl I will create a ration that is only high in vitamin e and low in everything else as she does not need to have nice coat condition or muscle tone to breed, her condition is the only thing that will affect the puppies.

If you have a dog you plan to use as a stud I place him on pet house for adult dogs as his condition does not affect puppies.

Once your dog has reached 20 for condition, coat, and muscle you can choose to leave it on your custom ration or to save money you can put it on pet house for adult dogs. This is a cheaper ration that will maintain condition, coat, and muscle. Do not feed old boy (some feed this to breeding only studs or if they are doing a color or trait breeding project). Old boy does nothing for your dog and actually decreases the condition, coat, and muscle.

When creating your rations make sure you label what is puppy food and what is adult. Puppies need puppy food from 0-13 days and 14 days on they are adults and need to be switched over to an appropriate adult food.

All breeds can eat the same food, but larger dogs cost more to feed than smaller dogs.

Here is the ration creation link. You can find it on your My Account page under account tools, or when you go into change your dogs' ration it says you can create a ration here, with a hyperlink on the "clicking here".

Welcome to the game!

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