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Author Topic : low participation breeds
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11/8/2017 8:24:01 PM reply with quote send message to Glittering Object to Post   

Hi people

I have not participated in the more competitive breeds, but confined myself to the lower participation breeds.

Sometimes these lower participation breeds rank highly on the breeds list - Sealys made it to #3 at one stage recently.

However, there's this feeling of responsibility, you can't walk away because the breed needs you (yes I know it's only a game) as you're the one who kept this colour alive or made that trait to 10 or achieved/helped to achieve this SOP.

In one of my breeds I have taken on someone else's kennel, bought a heap of dogs from 2 kennels when someone left, and am now faced with another kennel leaving. Firstly it will make the breed uncompetitive as there's just me and someone else occasionally. Secondly as there's just me I should work on this trait and that trait and SOP and that colour. I want to walk away, but feel I can't.

Am I being silly? Should I just walk away? If I walk away from this breed why not walk away from all breeds? They all have that same imperative in SOP/traits/colours.

Do I just have too many kennels? Which ones to lose?
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11/8/2017 8:40:10 PM reply with quote send message to BarStar Goldens Object to Post

You should stick with what you enjoy!

I have to have competition or I get bored so I've kept my goldens.

I do have Curlies which I don't show but I keep breeding. Mainly, It's because a dear friend and I have been working with the breed for way too long. I will help her with the kennel's line until the day she says.. she is done with it.

My basic I just buy dogs to finish from the boards. It lets me dabble in random breeds.

The balance of all three kennel purposes help keep my interest in the game.

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11/8/2017 9:53:46 PM reply with quote send message to All Star Acres Object to Post

I totally hear ya! I too was feeling a little... unfulfilled... playing with my lower SOP/less competitive breeds and color projects. I started this kennel so I could dabble in the competitive/popular breeds. It’s been really fun! I hardly bother with showing at all in the other kennels, they really aren’t up to snuff anyways. Those are more laid back... playing with colors, working to improve so they will eventually be competitive, etc. This kennel though, I’m really cut throat when it comes to culling and I only keep dogs I think will do well in the show ring.

Highly recommend!
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11/9/2017 2:08:21 AM reply with quote send message to Halcyon Design Object to Post

I remember feeling the same about Portuguese Pointer many years ago. I had got them when they were introduced and my line started from original source dogs and I was really proud of it.

But there was only me & maybe one other now and again, and it was boring. But I felt such a huge loyalty and responsibility towards them.

Eventually I realised that the game was more fun if I just let them go.

I took a look at them recently and they’re doing ok, some other people have them now and they are probably doing better now.

Do whatever you need to keep your interest in the game, to keep it fun.
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11/9/2017 11:04:36 AM reply with quote send message to XiZang Object to Post

I used to have 15 kennels and 20 breeds, now it's 5 kennels and 9 breeds. One of them I keep only because that was the breed with my first litter on SD 10 years ago. I keep a few and breed them because I'm afraid at some point I'll have and old bitch and no male to breed her to. The ones I still have all go back to that first bitch I had in 2007. Can't seem to let it go. LOL
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11/9/2017 4:57:27 PM reply with quote send message to Loch Tay Object to Post

The beauty of this game is that you can walk away from a breed, no dogs will be harmed!! Maybe you could leave 2 or 3 of the best dogs up at stud permanently to help future new comers to the breed. I have tied myself up in knots sometimes agonising whether to stay or go. I'd recommend a fresh start in a new breed.

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