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Author Topic : Great time to be in Kooikerhondjes
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Hi people

Kooikers are a sporting dog from Holland. They come in 2 colours, red and white with black tips, and red and white. Only the first showable at the moment.

We get group placements most nights. Current SOP is 96, with the top ones being 96.3 ish. All my studs are $25.

There are only a few of us - and now someone is leaving and placing all their dogs up for sale, including equal highest SOP dogs. When Dalkeith left she took 2 kennels from the breed, and now we're losing another one. It's going to be very lonely.

I'm happy to help with studs and pups and bitches - but there are enough on sale to set up a couple of kennels. I'm happy to help with more.

Come and play in Kooikers.
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I’ve been considering kooikers. I show now and then in my basic, they are fun to show! If I can clear up some space, I’ll message you.

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