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Author Topic : Alaskan Malamute Color Breeding Question
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Hey guys. I would like to breed Blue, Dark Blue and Seal colored Alaskan Malamutes in my kennel to bring them up to show quality. I was wondering if the dark colors work the same way as other colors in the game. Can you purchase a source bitch in the dark colors and breed them to current show quality studs to produce pups with the recessive gene for the dark colors and breed them to other dogs that also have the recessive gene to produce the dark colors in that generation? Or, do you have to breed dark color to dark color?

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It's recessive so I would buy a source stud and take him to several bitches so you can cross carrier to carrier without having to worry about the inbreeding penalty. Keep a visible from carrier to carrier and make more carriers. Then a visible and so on.
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Hey there! I didn't look super closely at Malamutes as a breed, but I scanned through a couple kennels to get an idea. I found a litter in one kennel that has a blue/white pup, so the sire carries blue:

In real life (and this game actually does an impressive job of being realistic) blue color comes into play via the dilution (usually written as D or d) gene. Dogs are either black or brown at their core, but dogs that inherit 2 recessive dilution genes (dd) have their base color "diluted" to a lighter appearance. If you breed 2 females to the stud above, you could then breed the resulting puppies together and produce blue pups.

Hope that helps!

Replies in this thread : 2

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