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Author Topic : Colour projects/trait projects for sale
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Colour projects -

Bearded collies - solid colours. Bred up from starters, with a SOP ranging 80 mark.

Whippets - Brindle - will throw show quality pups.
Particolour - isn't quite up to standard for the kennel, but could still hold her own in the ring.
Solid colours - will also throw show quality pups.

Borzoi -
Piebald - Should throw show quality pups. A huge amount of work has gone into getting this colour this high.
Gold/unmasked -, can also reclaim a girl that might throw unmasked colours to him.

Traits -

Borzoi -
10 Size, .9 Temp -
10 Size, .9 Feet -
10 Size -
10 Head -

Whippets -
.8 Coat and Size -
.8 Size -
.9 Size -

and just a bit of a breed in need, the Saint Bernard.

Replies in this thread : 0

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