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Author Topic : Drumming Up Game Popularity/Users
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One challenge I've had in this game over the past several years has been the decline in active users. According to the homepage, we're currently hovering at just above 1100 active users.

I'm currently running a blog that is pointed at pet owners and I think that I could easily integrate the game into my social media and advertising plan (obviously at no charge to the game--I just want to see the game continue to exist!)

I was wondering if there's anyone out there who could help me out with graphic creation for just ShowDog. I currently reach about 2000 people a month, but this is only the 4th month of my blog and I'm seeing about a 100% increase month-over-month.

If anyone wants to collaborate on the project, let me know here or via PM (pref. here so more people want to get involved!)

(Also, my blog is and has all my currently active social media links on it if you want to friend me and share any SD content I create.)
 Lac Lavon Kennels
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Im no good with graphics and what not, just wanted to say I think it's a great idea! Couldn't say for sure, but when I first started playing several years ago, there were what feels like 5x the active users there are now. I first saw it advertised in a Dog Fancy magazine of all places happy :)

I belong to a couple of Facebook dog genetics/coat color groups and shared this site there in the hopes of more people signing up. Assuming plenty of people here also belong to dog groups on there and would encourage you to share in those as well. It's so simple to spread the word to a large number of dog fans that way!
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Just signed up for the blog. I have cat, dog, and gerbils so I'm looking forward to going through it.

I am on Facebook a lot every day and I post quite a bit about Showdog. Doesn't seem to be doing much good.
 BarStar Goldens
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9/11/2017 6:19:14 PM reply with quote send message to BarStar Goldens Object to Post

The site used to have an affiliate program. You might want to check with Jeff and see if it's still around.

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9/14/2017 10:12:41 AM reply with quote send message to Picardy Object to Post

I'm happy to help with graphics. I used to make banners back before I took on the breed colour picture project.
Also, my drawings can be used on any SD advertisements.

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