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Author Topic : This is maddening!!!!
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I can almost taste that 100.00 SOP hahaha!
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9/8/2017 9:54:08 AM reply with quote send message to BarbieDreams Object to Post

At least Perfection & Precision have done well producing outside my kennel!
Now hopefully King can bring my kennel some luck while he's servicing every girl outside my kennel hopefully he'll produce something nice for his Mama or at least Show well enough to make me proud,lol.
I am really bad at using all the concentration needed with the very competitive breeds.I enjoy breeding much more than watching what handlers to use and what judges like or don't like truthfully.I enjoy calculating the traits and trying to produce better dogs from generation to generation.
At least Cleopatra finished but I think all females do really well showing the first 24 hours after they're bred.
I really believe Jeff put in something that'll throw off Show Shine or keep those hidden decimals in size & feet from ever reaching perfection again! Reset must be a extremely huge headache for the game as far as the intricacies.So he's done something to permanently prevent it from happening again.We shall see!
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I like the name! happy :)
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I feel you there! I don't have the time to pre book everyone in for the good handlers etc so all I really do is breed them. I've got so many so close to 100 it's enough to keep me trying lol

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Replies in this thread : 3

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