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Author Topic : Returned so 3 kennels available Source creations
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I've returned and reopened 2 kennels and have so far 1 new kennel all say source dogs available! Unsure how many are available in my 2 reopened kennels but definitely have some available in my newest kennel! Haven't created the last 2 available kennels for my family account since I'm unsure what breeds I'll want to get into,still trying to find some breeds which have some excitement to show & breed in.Suggestions welcome on that along with anyone interested in in my source dogs.
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4/26/2017 11:03:22 AM reply with quote send message to BarbieDreams Object to Post

Message me either or at the following other Kennels both Starters and/or Source dogs:
I've returned after approximately 5 years and have 3 new kennels where Sources are available which would possibly aide players with colors,also 2 older reopened kennels with Starters available if interested I'm not looking to get rich,lol.Prices will be anywhere from $50.(if lower quality is what's created,to at very most,$200.
Banner and Kennel Personal Pics in trade could be negotiated.
Thank you! Barbara

Replies in this thread : 1

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