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Author Topic : Akita Specialties!
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4/18/2017 4:39:53 PM reply with quote send message to HotSauce Object to Post   

I threw a specialty up from the 22nd to the 29th ... one day is the nationals. My sponsored shows have $500 for BISS, $250 for WD, and $250 for WB.

One of the shows has a double payout for WD ... my fingers hit submit instead of changing it to WB. laugh :D

Good luck everyone!
 Firebrand Akitas
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Woohoo! Thank you! <3
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4/24/2017 1:38:31 PM reply with quote send message to Gallant Object to Post

I entered a couple! Trying to get back into the game after taking some time off for real dog shows & raising a new puppy!
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4/24/2017 3:50:45 PM reply with quote send message to Blitz Kennel Object to Post

You're welcome!

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