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Author Topic : Help with getting into my kennels 5 year absence
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I've recently returned and requested assistance both by the "contact us" and calling with 3 days later no response.The email I'd used back then is dead,and having had anywhere from 3-10 family accounts I'm pretty sure Jeff,or the powers that be would know it's me from using the same paypal,name and phone#,for many years playing.As of yet even after adding the names to my new family sub. I still can't login to the 2 kennels that would be my reason to come back.I appreciate any advice or assistance since so much has changed.They are listed as part of my sub. but I'm unable to access the 2 with sentimental value to me,they are: MalteseDreams and ~*Angel*Dreams*~
Thank you,and please explain if this topic gets deleted since that's already happened in General Forum! Sincerely,Barbara
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4/18/2017 11:08:30 AM reply with quote send message to Ugglans Object to Post

I had the exact same problem recently. I just sent Jeff a message and he replied with my password. Took a couple of days, though.

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