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Author Topic : Huge Brag! New #1 All Time Grand Champion Points Ranking and more
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Well the day has come that my amazing boy has finished his show career (for the most part, he's currently eligible for the SDWC so he might still win there)

Platinum GCh. Willowcreek Whiskey On Ice, , has made his way to the top of the All Time GCh points rankings, along the way he's had some pretty amazing accomplishments too.

- He was my first ever Platinum GCh on SD in any breed, at 82 days of age.

- 72 BISS Wins

- Group One at the March SDWC

- 4 Consecutive National BISS ( Jan-April 2017)

-#1 Herding Dog for March, #8 Herding Dog February, #15 Herding Dog January

- First Dog to reach over 700 GCh points

- Last day of showing April 13,2017
He was ranked #6 herding dog and #1 Sheltie

- All Time Top Dog Rankings -
#6 Herding
#29 Sheltie
#1 GCh with 741 points

- sire of 14 champions with more puppies being shown and on the way! Hoping he can get his Silver Merit sire.

He has been by far one of the most exciting dogs I've ever had on SD and I want to thank my fellow sheltie breeders for breeding to him, finishing his puppies and continuing to show against him to allow him to get to where he is. Thank you!

I'm sad his show career has come to an end but it's time to move onto the new youngsters that are up and coming at Willowcreek! Now is a great time to join shelties if anyone wants to, there will be lots of Whiskey puppies available soon happy :)

Thanks for letting me brag about my boy!

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Congrats! Dogs like him don't come along often in the game!

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Congratulations on a great dog happy :)
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Wow, thats awesome!
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Huge congratulationshappy :)
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Well done on a great dog
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May I help your BRAG just a little....

Your accomplishment for GCH points is astonishing.

In as far as the "all-time" rankings it is impossible to fairly grade your dog based on total dogs beaten. There are far fewer entries and players today than there were 10-15 years ago when the "top" ranked dogs beat so many.

Rational numeric analysis would correlate the "top"
dog earning the most overall show wins, group wins and specialty wins would also be the "top" of overall total dogs beaten.

So by the numbers ---- your dog has a show life of
106 days.

He averaged almost 7 points earned each day.
He won on average 2 majors a day.
He had an average of 3 BISS every 4 days.
He was the best in your breed 172 times.
That is more than 1.5 wins per day.
He failed to gain points in less than 10 shows throughout his career.

Most impressive to say the least.
Most dominant in a Breed probably EVER.

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4/19/2017 8:52:16 AM reply with quote send message to Willowcreek Object to Post

Thanks everyone! And thank you Kona for the breakdown, that's pretty cool to look at it like that and I wouldn't have ever been able to do that myself.

He is indeed a special one, probably the best in any breed I've had in my long run on SD.

His puppies are still finishing right now, so I'm hopeful for one more award for him, and maybe he'll stay in the top and be able to compete at the SDWC once more.
 Black Raven Kennels
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Absolutely STUNNING! Congratulations!

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