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Author Topic : Seeking a mentor of sorts
 Sota Kennels
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Hi everyone! I'm brand-spanking-new here and would love some help in pretty much all areas of this game. If anyone would be willing to take a hardworking, willing to learn mentee/protege on, please shoot a PM. I'd love to get to know you (and the game, because as of right now, I'm really confused). Thanks.

[Sorry if this isn't the forum for this kind of thing.]

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YES, it is the right place to ask for guidence.

I admit I'm not particularely active right now, but ask away! I've been here 10+ years.

Edited: Poor word selection in my initial response - Yes this is the right place, "no" you did not make a mistake. I thought about this after but forgot to go back and correct it.

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 Chaos and Havoc
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Yes - this is the perfect place to ask for help happy :)

A lot of us have been playing for years and there are heaps of people that are more than willing to help new players happy :)

Have a read of the following two posts - they really help to understand some of the basics:

Feel free to ask your questions here happy :)
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6/29/2016 8:03:10 AM reply with quote send message to Mustardville Object to Post

Happy to help any way I can. any specific breeds ?

you will love it here!

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10/10/2016 12:24:12 PM reply with quote send message to Eris_Discord Object to Post

I'm new as well and have just been winging it. Lol I only recently discovered the forums though. ??
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Run!! Run for your life!!! laugh :D

Become a regular user, don't be pissed off if you can't be first within a month. You can jump in the deep end and go for the top breeds and competitors, or start with a newer breed that has no breeders, and build yourself up.
 Skipton Kennel
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One of the nice things about SD is it's really up to you how you want to play. To get started you might want to work on the goal of finishing a Championship or Grand Championship.

Then maybe you want to breed and finish a Ch/GCh on a dog that you bred. Perhaps you want to try to win your national specialty. Maybe you're all about group placements and you want to campaign a dog for Top dog in your group or all breed.

Looking at those possible goals, you would look at different breeds. Some breeds are harder to "finish" than others. Some breeds don't get regular group placements.

If you wish to remain 'Basic' users, you will be focusing on Showing as opposed to doing any breeding. The game can still be challenging, exciting and lots of fun.

Maybe you want to finish a champion/grand champion in every breed. Maybe you want to offer a 'finishing service' for other players. Maybe you want to work on putting championships and obedience titles on dogs.
Again, lots of options - it basically boils down to how you want to play the game.
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There are a lot of breeds that still have nice, well advanced specimens that are short on active players.

I have recently aquired Airdales and picked up again the Wire Fox that I had been working with before. Both breeds have very few (1 - 3) active players, counting myself and get group placements.

I have also recently added Basenji, Saluki, Pharoah, and Greyhound in the hound group. All still have 90+ SOP available but relatively few players. (Basenjis have a few new folks.)

There is also the Irish Red and White - I think I have lots of young partially sessioned youngsters available. (I returned after being dormant for a while and bred most of my 300+ days old girls - lol.)

Of these, only the greyhound does not have Picardy pictures. There is lots of work for colour breeders there too. The high SOP dogs are almost all "white" but the breed has a ton of colours.

And, as was said - lots of folks willing to help in lots of breeds!

Welcome to all.

(Consider joining ShowHorse too - we need folks there desperatly!)

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 DemiGod Canine Center
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Patience patience patience. The game does not move along very fast.
Breeding takes a little under two weeks, about one week waiting for puppies to be born and another week waiting to breed your females again.

This is the second time at playing here. About 13 years ago I played, about the time they expanded with adding new breeds.
I got a little frustrated waiting for my puppies to develop into Champions. One of the reasons I left back then.

Patience patience patience. and you will do well and enjoy your dogs one at a time.

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Did you know?
In multi-breed and all-breed shows, the winners of all breeds within the kennel club's breed Groups then compete for Group placements.