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Author Topic : New Bouvier breeder
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Hello everyone *waves*

I've just picked up my first Bouvier girls today, and since colour is a side of breeding that I like to play with as well, a quick question. I found the colour model in this thread but wanted to know if there have been any changes since then. Reading some of the older thread I saw breeders getting surprise colours that shouldn't have been possible with the model as presented, so thought I'd check.

Edited to add that I've decided to work with both show and new (starter) lines. Yeah, I'm a glutton for punishment sometimes laugh :D I'm not sure who else may be working from scratch, but I've put my Black Brindle starter boy up for stud.

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Well, I think Fangorn Oak is working (or at least was) with a starter line as well. You may have realized this forum isn't very active, but it's in our power to change that happy :)
I am now working on breeding a show-quality black. I have a 99.0 black puppy currently in sessioning and hope he'll get his championship later on. I didn't study the genetics behind the colors in Bouvs but as far as I'm interested, I can get black from two salt&pep.

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