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Author Topic : Kennel Assistants on Strike again
 Azawakh Inc.
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7/10/2019 10:50:37 AM reply with quote send message to Azawakh Inc. Object to Post   

May have to do your dogs manually
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7/10/2019 12:51:12 PM reply with quote send message to Tarot Object to Post

I haven't logged in in a couple of days which is very unusual for me, and I notice they haven't been sessioned.
 Flat Coat Kennel
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7/17/2019 8:12:06 AM reply with quote send message to Flat Coat Kennel Object to Post

My kennel assistants don't work everyday. It's always a surprise to see if we seasoned or not.
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8/9/2019 7:20:56 PM reply with quote send message to mineiis Object to Post

what's the point in having assistants if they don't work?? Figured my girl would be ready to show by now sessioning while I was on holiday in the country.

Barely half ready.

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