Keeshond Merit Dogs

Merit Name Date Achieved
Silver Sire Ch DenKees To Catch a King 6/15/2017
Bronze Sire Ch DenKees Midnight Hunter 8/23/2017
Bronze Sire Ch DenKees Wild Irish Warrior 1/23/2017
Bronze Sire Ch DenKees Silver Sovereign 1/16/2017
Bronze Sire Ch DenKees Wild Irish Rover 12/6/2016
Bronze Sire Ch AusWolf Wings of the Storm 11/22/2016
Bronze Sire Ch DenKees Ride the Wild Storm 8/19/2016
Bronze Sire Ch DenKees Storm of Fire 6/8/2016
Bronze Sire Ch Rhythmn And Blues At Carons 5/21/2016
Bronze Sire Ch Winterhearts Blow Me Away 2/17/2016
Bronze Sire Ch Analeyn Hazardous Game 11/24/2015
Bronze Sire Ch Winterhearts Mind Your Step 10/18/2015
Bronze Sire Ch DenKees Faramir 9/13/2015
Bronze Sire Ch DenKees Broken Dreams 8/21/2015
Bronze Sire Ch Gypsy Winds Get Lucky 5/15/2015
Bronze Sire Ch Winterhearts Slenderman 5/1/2015
Bronze Sire Ch Analeyn Interstellar 3/3/2015
Bronze Sire Ch Analeyn House Of Cards 11/21/2014
Bronze Sire Ch PPKees Point Blank 5/11/2014
Bronze Sire Ch Bizzydog Blown Away 1/6/2011
Bronze Sire Ch SilverDogs Holy Smokes! 2/21/2009
Bronze Sire Ch Kools Angry Face 1/30/2009
Bronze Sire Ch Arkay3 Smokin Hot 9/29/2008
Bronze Sire Ch MissKees Weird Science 6/5/2008
Bronze Sire Ch SilverDogs Smooth Operator 5/21/2008
Bronze Sire Mysticwinds Blue Soul 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Petbes Pride in Blue 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Mysticwinds Mighty Argus 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Kindreds Rune Wolf 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Mysticwinds Dusky Blue 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Quilteds Mighty Mouse 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Mysticwinds London Fog 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch SS Solid Gold 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Mysticwinds Paxton 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Mysticwinds Oliver Twister 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Foxwoods I am the Best 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Mysticwinds Sweet Sequoia 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Mysticwinds Foster 1/8/2008
Silver Dam Ch AusWolf Thunder and Roses 3/7/2018
Silver Dam Ch TKs Forevr N Always 1/8/2008
Silver Dam Ch Double Dee Gurl 1/8/2008
Silver Dam Ch Moondreams Fire Rose 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Shelhond Irish Ghost 3/11/2019
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Irish Tempter 12/2/2018
Bronze Dam Ch Shelhond Pale Moon Princess 11/28/2018
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Under Irish Stars 8/15/2018
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Social Climber 7/20/2018
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf Viking Hostage 7/12/2018
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Crossed in Love 7/10/2018
Bronze Dam DenKees Starcrossed Girl 7/5/2018
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Pale Moon Rising 6/10/2018
Bronze Dam DenKees Irish Bride 5/25/2018
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Fallen Dancer 5/16/2018
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Phantom Kiss 5/12/2018
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf Dawn Delight 5/9/2018
Bronze Dam DenKees Fallen Lady 4/7/2018
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf Rose in Winter 4/2/2018
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf Maid of Ireland 4/2/2018
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf Cherry Delight 2/27/2018
Bronze Dam Ch Shelhond Shes A Step Warrior 2/25/2018
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf The Captain*s Lady 2/10/2018
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf Elizabeth of York 2/9/2018
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Reluctant Bride 2/8/2018
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf Ruby Red Cherry 1/5/2018
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Classy Girl 12/20/2017
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Diamonds are Wild 11/23/2017
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf Maid of Honour 10/25/2017
Bronze Dam DenKees Faro*s Daughter 10/25/2017
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf Runaway Heiress 10/15/2017
Bronze Dam DenKees Jewel Hunt 10/8/2017
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Dance Little Lady 10/6/2017
Bronze Dam AusWolf Huckleberry Lass 7/30/2017
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf To Catch a Queen 7/5/2017
Bronze Dam DenKees Sovereign Dragoness 2/25/2017
Bronze Dam Ch Shelhond Shes A Step Forward 2/13/2017
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Dragoness in Flight 2/1/2017
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Irish Colleen 1/15/2017
Bronze Dam DenKees Mad Mol 1/11/2017
Bronze Dam AusWolf Lone Jewel 12/27/2016
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Celtic Dragoness 12/12/2016
Bronze Dam Shelhond Shes A Step Ahead 9/28/2016
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Carmen Sandiego 9/12/2016
Bronze Dam Ch Shelhond Dangerous Money 8/12/2016
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Stormy Kiss 6/23/2016
Bronze Dam Bearcub Black Friday 6/4/2016
Bronze Dam DenKees Song for a Storm 2/19/2016
Bronze Dam DenKees Celtic Mystery 10/28/2015
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Star Dreaming 6/19/2015
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Star of Venus 6/2/2015
Bronze Dam Analeyn Blank Space 3/14/2015
Bronze Dam Ch SilkenWolf Dancing Queen 6/17/2011
Bronze Dam Ch BDs Golden Ticket 12/5/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Arkay3 StandingRoomOnly 7/21/2008
Bronze Dam Ch SilverDogs Mystical Wonderland 5/29/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Kools Irish Dreams 4/27/2008
Bronze Dam Ch SilverDogs Looks That Kill 4/15/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Mysticwinds Summer Solstice 4/9/2008
Bronze Dam Ch RKs The Trouble with Tribbles 4/9/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Mysticwinds Witchy Ways 4/9/2008
Bronze Dam Ch DarkSun Diamonds Are Blue 2/10/2008
Bronze Dam SDKs One or Another 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Moondreams Larkyn 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam MissKees Pride and Joy 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Moondreams Gypsy Moon 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch MissKees Geisha Girl 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch KH Faerie Dust 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Kisskees Gaia 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Starfleet Always 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Mysticwinds Dog Star 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Mysticwinds Dark Mystery 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch KH II Eclipse 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam SS Snow Queen 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Mysticwinds Merriment 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Starfleet Janeway 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Starfleet Home at Last 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Star Kennels Personal Lover 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam SAKs Cashing In 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam MissKees Butterfly Rain 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch DD Midnight 1/8/2008

Did you know?
A conformation dog show is not a comparison of one dog to another but a comparison of each dog to a judge's mental image of the ideal breed type as outlined in the individual breed's breed standard.