English Setter Merit Dogs

Merit Name Date Achieved
Gold Sire Ch Starrys Summer Days 1/8/2008
Silver Sire Ch Morningstar Gold In The Buckle 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch TriStar Ringside Rumour 1/9/2019
Bronze Sire Ch RossWood Silence Of The Lambs 5/30/2018
Bronze Sire Ch TriStar Sacred Nation 11/11/2017
Bronze Sire Ch Baileys Dawn Treader 9/1/2017
Bronze Sire Ch CBAC Air Supply 7/21/2017
Bronze Sire Artistri the Key to Success 7/12/2017
Bronze Sire Ch Baileys Skeleton Key 3/17/2017
Bronze Sire Ch Keepsake Salt Life 3/1/2017
Bronze Sire Ch Artistri Whiskey Weekend 1/3/2017
Bronze Sire Ch Amoroso Diamond In The Rough 9/18/2016
Bronze Sire Ch Keepsakes Black Diamond 6/16/2016
Bronze Sire Ch Ancalagon Keep the Change 5/17/2016
Bronze Sire Ch Keepsakes Rocking Rudolph 4/7/2016
Bronze Sire Ch Keepsakes Rock N Roll 2/12/2016
Bronze Sire Ch Keepsakes Record Breaker 6/13/2015
Bronze Sire Ch Keepsakes Avalanche 6/2/2015
Bronze Sire Ch Jazzlane Hurricane Ivan 9/25/2013
Bronze Sire Ch TriStar Infinity 5/28/2013
Bronze Sire Ch Calms Blue Hawaiian 4/11/2013
Bronze Sire Ch TriStar Once In A Blue Moon 2/14/2013
Bronze Sire Ch TriStar Armani 12/3/2012
Bronze Sire Ch TriStar Transcendental 6/29/2012
Bronze Sire Ch TriStar By Invitation Only 5/26/2012
Bronze Sire Ch TriStar Indiana Jones 2/4/2012
Bronze Sire Ch TriStar Hot Topic 2/3/2012
Bronze Sire Ch TriStar Dillinger 8/16/2011
Bronze Sire Ch TriStar Twisted Horizon 1/4/2011
Bronze Sire Ch TriStar Chase Manhattan 5/21/2009
Bronze Sire Ch WR Xanadu Blue 4/9/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Morningstar All The Trouble 4/9/2008
Bronze Sire Ch OxGS A New Path 2/6/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Morningstar Reflections Flying Without Wings 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch WR Maximum Gold 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Whatakennel`s Makin` Noize 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Starrys Trouble Is 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Starrys Talk Is Cheap 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Starrys Brave Baxter 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Somersets The Cowboy In Me 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Rajnms Stars In My Eyes 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Morningstar Wild Thing 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Morningstar Walk This Way 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Morningstar Take A Chance 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Morningstar Singin The Blues 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch LC CELEBRATION 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch LadyHounds Your the One 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Ironwolfs Road Warrior 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch DWKs Dreaming of Kansas 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Blue Beards Next Success 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch AMG Without A Doubt 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch AMG Two Tickets To Paradise 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch AMG Love Me Tender 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch AMG Here Comes Trouble 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Agincourt Sign of Trouble 1/8/2008
Gold Dam Stumpfs New York Slang 10/9/2010
Silver Dam Ch CBAC Hell Or High Water 9/10/2017
Silver Dam Ch TriStar Musical Melody 7/7/2011
Silver Dam Ch Theplains Pretty In Pink 6/20/2009
Silver Dam Merseyside Maxine 1/8/2008
Silver Dam Ch WR Dangerous Gamble 1/8/2008
Silver Dam Ch Starrys Water Girl 1/8/2008
Silver Dam Ch Starrys Cloud Nine 1/8/2008
Silver Dam Ch Starrys Born To Fly 1/8/2008
Silver Dam Ch Morningstar Show Stopper 1/8/2008
Silver Dam Ch Galleyo Good As Gold 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch CBAC Scrabble 1/9/2019
Bronze Dam Ch RossWood Spin Off 11/21/2018
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Painted In The Shadows 6/25/2018
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Honey Blossom 6/19/2018
Bronze Dam Ch RossWood American Idol 3/1/2018
Bronze Dam Ch CBAC Key To The Door 8/13/2017
Bronze Dam Ch Baileys First Frost 8/2/2017
Bronze Dam Ch Artistri Dress Rehearsal 6/28/2017
Bronze Dam Ch Baileys Morning Star 6/24/2017
Bronze Dam Baileys Unseen World 12/26/2016
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Red Hot 12/16/2016
Bronze Dam Ch Artistri Say Yes to the Dress 11/11/2016
Bronze Dam Ch Artistri Pour Me Another 6/7/2016
Bronze Dam Calms Justa Lady Tonight 2/12/2016
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Monaco 11/2/2015
Bronze Dam Ch Calms Winter Storm 9/23/2015
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Animation 5/30/2015
Bronze Dam Gaylanns Hidden Charms 5/11/2015
Bronze Dam TriStar Weather Watch 3/2/2015
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Marrakech 2/14/2015
Bronze Dam TriStar Paprika 11/30/2014
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Zephyr 9/11/2014
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Limited Edition 9/8/2014
Bronze Dam Ch Jazzlane Mission Impossible 6/19/2014
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Incantations 2/10/2014
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Indigo Sky 11/24/2013
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Beyond The Gold 8/17/2013
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Silver In Gold 7/5/2013
Bronze Dam TriStar Eclipse Of The Heart 6/7/2013
Bronze Dam Ch Calms Billie Jean 5/8/2013
Bronze Dam Ch Calms Lunar Eclipse 4/16/2013
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Malibu Coral 4/11/2013
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Cameo 2/23/2013
Bronze Dam Ch Calms The Way You Make Me Feel 11/29/2012
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Zenyatta 10/20/2012
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Triple Threat 10/17/2012
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Paper Moon 9/12/2012
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Solitaire 6/17/2012
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Gold Dust 5/5/2012
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Snow Angel 3/24/2012
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar New World Symphony 2/20/2012
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Heart N Soul 2/4/2012
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Xxxtra Spicy 1/28/2012
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Silhouette 10/5/2011
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Glitz N Glamour 6/29/2011
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar After Hours 4/15/2011
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Wynn 4/14/2011
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Change Of Heart 10/13/2010
Bronze Dam Ch Koali-Bey Sugar Cookie 10/6/2010
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Spirituality 7/29/2010
Bronze Dam Koali-Bey Truly Rich 4/30/2010
Bronze Dam Ch LL Glass N Half 6/20/2009
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Fabulous Race 5/23/2009
Bronze Dam Ch Venetian Dutchess Of York 5/12/2009
Bronze Dam Londons Akward Races 4/27/2009
Bronze Dam Ch Ozzhound Simply Sarah 3/26/2009
Bronze Dam Ch Theplains Humming Along 12/19/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Houdini Humming A Tune 12/13/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Monarchs Portia 10/13/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Houdini Hearts On Fire 5/15/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Whata Dream 4/9/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Paradise Moonlit Road 4/9/2008
Bronze Dam WR Successful Romance 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Morningstar Good Luck Charm 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam LadyHounds Lady 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch WR X Marks The Spot 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch WR Tornado Alley 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch TriStar Dare To Dream 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Tristar Conspiracy Theory 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Theplains Bracken 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Starrys Tea For Two 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Starrys All Eyes On Me 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Reflections On A Roll 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Penhaven Positive Thinking 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Paradise The Good Stuff 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Oxford Lilac Dream 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Morningstar Star Studded Girl 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Morningstar Scarlet Letter 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Morningstar Reflections Priceless 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Morningstar Party All Night 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Morningstar Born To Win 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Morningstar Blowin In The Wind 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Morningstar Beach Party 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Morningstar All The Rage 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Morningstar All The Hype 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Loriden Marisol 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch LC Mirage in The Desert 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch LadyHounds Classy Lady 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Kalimars Limited Edition 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Hunters Feminine Reflections 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Hidden Hollow Walk On By 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Galleyo Goose Bumps 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Colinwood Corina 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch AMG Pardon My French 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch AMG Kiss Me Quick 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch AMG Kiss Me Kate 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch AMG Heartbreak Hotel 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch AMG Evening Star 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch AMG Bye Bye Love 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch AMG A Breath Of Fresh Air 1/8/2008

Did you know?
The second obedience title is a CDX, or "Companion Dog Excellent", which is earned through competition in the Open obedience class.