Chihuahua Colors

Color Examples

Color Genes

Color ABCD
Long-Haired Black AABBCCDD
Long-Haired Black AABBCCDd
Long-Haired Black AABBCCchDD
Long-Haired Black AABBCCchDd
Long-Haired Black AABBCchCchDD
Long-Haired Black AABBCchCchDd
Long-Haired Black AABbCCDD
Long-Haired Black AABbCCDd
Long-Haired Black AABbCCchDD
Long-Haired Black AABbCCchDd
Long-Haired Black AABbCchCchDD
Long-Haired Black AABbCchCchDd
Long-Haired Black and Tan AAtBBCCDD
Long-Haired Black and Tan AAtBBCCDd
Long-Haired Black and Tan AAtBBCCchDD
Long-Haired Black and Tan AAtBBCCchDd
Long-Haired Black and Tan AAtBBCchCchDD
Long-Haired Black and Tan AAtBBCchCchDd
Long-Haired Black and Tan AAtBbCCDD
Long-Haired Black and Tan AAtBbCCDd
Long-Haired Black and Tan AAtBbCCchDD
Long-Haired Black and Tan AAtBbCCchDd
Long-Haired Black and Tan AAtBbCchCchDD
Long-Haired Black and Tan AAtBbCchCchDd
Long-Haired Black and Tan AtAtBBCCDD
Long-Haired Black and Tan AtAtBBCCDd
Long-Haired Black and Tan AtAtBBCCchDD
Long-Haired Black and Tan AtAtBBCCchDd
Long-Haired Black and Tan AtAtBBCchCchDD
Long-Haired Black and Tan AtAtBBCchCchDd
Long-Haired Black and Tan AtAtBbCCDD
Long-Haired Black and Tan AtAtBbCCDd
Long-Haired Black and Tan AtAtBbCCchDD
Long-Haired Black and Tan AtAtBbCCchDd
Long-Haired Black and Tan AtAtBbCchCchDD
Long-Haired Black and Tan AtAtBbCchCchDd
Long-Haired Blue AABBCCdd
Long-Haired Blue AABBCCchdd
Long-Haired Blue AABBCchCchdd
Long-Haired Blue AABbCCdd
Long-Haired Blue AABbCCchdd
Long-Haired Blue AABbCchCchdd
Long-Haired Blue AAyBBCCdd
Long-Haired Blue AAyBBCCchdd
Long-Haired Blue AAyBBCchCchdd
Long-Haired Blue AAyBbCCdd
Long-Haired Blue AAyBbCCchdd
Long-Haired Blue AAyBbCchCchdd
Long-Haired Blue AtAyBBCCdd
Long-Haired Blue AtAyBBCCchdd
Long-Haired Blue AtAyBBCchCchdd
Long-Haired Blue AtAyBbCCdd
Long-Haired Blue AtAyBbCCchdd
Long-Haired Blue AtAyBbCchCchdd
Long-Haired Blue AyAyBBCCdd
Long-Haired Blue AyAyBBCCchdd
Long-Haired Blue AyAyBBCchCchdd
Long-Haired Blue AyAyBbCCdd
Long-Haired Blue AyAyBbCCchdd
Long-Haired Blue AyAyBbCchCchdd
Long-Haired Blue and Tan AAtBBCCdd
Long-Haired Blue and Tan AAtBBCCchdd
Long-Haired Blue and Tan AAtBBCchCchdd
Long-Haired Blue and Tan AAtBbCCdd
Long-Haired Blue and Tan AAtBbCCchdd
Long-Haired Blue and Tan AAtBbCchCchdd
Long-Haired Blue and Tan AtAtBBCCdd
Long-Haired Blue and Tan AtAtBBCCchdd
Long-Haired Blue and Tan AtAtBBCchCchdd
Long-Haired Blue and Tan AtAtBbCCdd
Long-Haired Blue and Tan AtAtBbCCchdd
Long-Haired Blue and Tan AtAtBbCchCchdd
Long-Haired Chocolate AAbbCCDD
Long-Haired Chocolate AAbbCCDd
Long-Haired Chocolate AAbbCCchDD
Long-Haired Chocolate AAbbCCchDd
Long-Haired Chocolate AAbbCchCchDD
Long-Haired Chocolate AAbbCchCchDd
Long-Haired Chocolate and Tan AAtbbCCDD
Long-Haired Chocolate and Tan AAtbbCCDd
Long-Haired Chocolate and Tan AAtbbCCchDD
Long-Haired Chocolate and Tan AAtbbCCchDd
Long-Haired Chocolate and Tan AAtbbCchCchDD
Long-Haired Chocolate and Tan AAtbbCchCchDd
Long-Haired Chocolate and Tan AtAtbbCCDD
Long-Haired Chocolate and Tan AtAtbbCCDd
Long-Haired Chocolate and Tan AtAtbbCCchDD
Long-Haired Chocolate and Tan AtAtbbCCchDd
Long-Haired Chocolate and Tan AtAtbbCchCchDD
Long-Haired Chocolate and Tan AtAtbbCchCchDd
Long-Haired Chocolate Blue AAbbCCdd
Long-Haired Chocolate Blue AAbbCCchdd
Long-Haired Chocolate Blue AAbbCchCchdd
Long-Haired Chocolate Blue AAybbCCdd
Long-Haired Chocolate Blue AAybbCCchdd
Long-Haired Chocolate Blue AAybbCchCchdd
Long-Haired Chocolate Blue AtAybbCCdd
Long-Haired Chocolate Blue AtAybbCCchdd
Long-Haired Chocolate Blue AtAybbCchCchdd
Long-Haired Chocolate Blue AyAybbCCdd
Long-Haired Chocolate Blue AyAybbCCchdd
Long-Haired Chocolate Blue AyAybbCchCchdd
Long-Haired Chocolate Blue and Tan AAtbbCCdd
Long-Haired Chocolate Blue and Tan AAtbbCCchdd
Long-Haired Chocolate Blue and Tan AAtbbCchCchdd
Long-Haired Chocolate Blue and Tan AtAtbbCCdd
Long-Haired Chocolate Blue and Tan AtAtbbCCchdd
Long-Haired Chocolate Blue and Tan AtAtbbCchCchdd
Long-Haired Cream AAybbCCDD
Long-Haired Cream AAybbCCDd
Long-Haired Cream AAybbCCchDD
Long-Haired Cream AAybbCCchDd
Long-Haired Cream AAybbCchCchDD
Long-Haired Cream AAybbCchCchDd
Long-Haired Cream AtAybbCCDD
Long-Haired Cream AtAybbCCDd
Long-Haired Cream AtAybbCCchDD
Long-Haired Cream AtAybbCCchDd
Long-Haired Cream AtAybbCchCchDD
Long-Haired Cream AtAybbCchCchDd
Long-Haired Cream AyAybbCCDD
Long-Haired Cream AyAybbCCDd
Long-Haired Cream AyAybbCCchDD
Long-Haired Cream AyAybbCCchDd
Long-Haired Cream AyAybbCchCchDD
Long-Haired Cream AyAybbCchCchDd
Long-Haired Fawn AAyBBCchCchDD
Long-Haired Fawn AAyBBCchCchDd
Long-Haired Fawn AAyBbCchCchDD
Long-Haired Fawn AAyBbCchCchDd
Long-Haired Fawn AtAyBBCchCchDD
Long-Haired Fawn AtAyBBCchCchDd
Long-Haired Fawn AtAyBbCchCchDD
Long-Haired Fawn AtAyBbCchCchDd
Long-Haired Fawn AyAyBBCchCchDD
Long-Haired Fawn AyAyBBCchCchDd
Long-Haired Fawn AyAyBbCchCchDD
Long-Haired Fawn AyAyBbCchCchDd
Long-Haired Red AAyBBCCDD
Long-Haired Red AAyBBCCDd
Long-Haired Red AAyBBCCchDD
Long-Haired Red AAyBBCCchDd
Long-Haired Red AAyBbCCDD
Long-Haired Red AAyBbCCDd
Long-Haired Red AAyBbCCchDD
Long-Haired Red AAyBbCCchDd
Long-Haired Red AtAyBBCCDD
Long-Haired Red AtAyBBCCDd
Long-Haired Red AtAyBBCCchDD
Long-Haired Red AtAyBBCCchDd
Long-Haired Red AtAyBbCCDD
Long-Haired Red AtAyBbCCDd
Long-Haired Red AtAyBbCCchDD
Long-Haired Red AtAyBbCCchDd
Long-Haired Red AyAyBBCCDD
Long-Haired Red AyAyBBCCDd
Long-Haired Red AyAyBBCCchDD
Long-Haired Red AyAyBBCCchDd
Long-Haired Red AyAyBbCCDD
Long-Haired Red AyAyBbCCDd
Long-Haired Red AyAyBbCCchDD
Long-Haired Red AyAyBbCCchDd
Smooth Black AABBCCDD
Smooth Black AABBCCDd
Smooth Black AABBCCchDD
Smooth Black AABBCCchDd
Smooth Black AABBCchCchDD
Smooth Black AABBCchCchDd
Smooth Black AABbCCDD
Smooth Black AABbCCDd
Smooth Black AABbCCchDD
Smooth Black AABbCCchDd
Smooth Black AABbCchCchDD
Smooth Black AABbCchCchDd
Smooth Black & Tan AAtBBCCDD
Smooth Black & Tan AAtBBCCDd
Smooth Black & Tan AAtBBCCchDD
Smooth Black & Tan AAtBBCCchDd
Smooth Black & Tan AAtBBCchCchDD
Smooth Black & Tan AAtBBCchCchDd
Smooth Black & Tan AAtBbCCDD
Smooth Black & Tan AAtBbCCDd
Smooth Black & Tan AAtBbCCchDD
Smooth Black & Tan AAtBbCCchDd
Smooth Black & Tan AAtBbCchCchDD
Smooth Black & Tan AAtBbCchCchDd
Smooth Black & Tan AtAtBBCCDD
Smooth Black & Tan AtAtBBCCDd
Smooth Black & Tan AtAtBBCCchDD
Smooth Black & Tan AtAtBBCCchDd
Smooth Black & Tan AtAtBBCchCchDD
Smooth Black & Tan AtAtBBCchCchDd
Smooth Black & Tan AtAtBbCCDD
Smooth Black & Tan AtAtBbCCDd
Smooth Black & Tan AtAtBbCCchDD
Smooth Black & Tan AtAtBbCCchDd
Smooth Black & Tan AtAtBbCchCchDD
Smooth Black & Tan AtAtBbCchCchDd
Smooth Blue AABBCCdd
Smooth Blue AABBCCchdd
Smooth Blue AABBCchCchdd
Smooth Blue AABbCCdd
Smooth Blue AABbCCchdd
Smooth Blue AABbCchCchdd
Smooth Blue AAyBBCCdd
Smooth Blue AAyBBCCchdd
Smooth Blue AAyBBCchCchdd
Smooth Blue AAyBbCCdd
Smooth Blue AAyBbCCchdd
Smooth Blue AAyBbCchCchdd
Smooth Blue AtAyBBCCdd
Smooth Blue AtAyBBCCchdd
Smooth Blue AtAyBBCchCchdd
Smooth Blue AtAyBbCCdd
Smooth Blue AtAyBbCCchdd
Smooth Blue AtAyBbCchCchdd
Smooth Blue AyAyBBCCdd
Smooth Blue AyAyBBCCchdd
Smooth Blue AyAyBBCchCchdd
Smooth Blue AyAyBbCCdd
Smooth Blue AyAyBbCCchdd
Smooth Blue AyAyBbCchCchdd
Smooth Blue & Tan AAtBBCCdd
Smooth Blue & Tan AAtBBCCchdd
Smooth Blue & Tan AAtBBCchCchdd
Smooth Blue & Tan AAtBbCCdd
Smooth Blue & Tan AAtBbCCchdd
Smooth Blue & Tan AAtBbCchCchdd
Smooth Blue & Tan AtAtBBCCdd
Smooth Blue & Tan AtAtBBCCchdd
Smooth Blue & Tan AtAtBBCchCchdd
Smooth Blue & Tan AtAtBbCCdd
Smooth Blue & Tan AtAtBbCCchdd
Smooth Blue & Tan AtAtBbCchCchdd
Smooth Chocolate AAbbCCDD
Smooth Chocolate AAbbCCDd
Smooth Chocolate AAbbCCchDD
Smooth Chocolate AAbbCCchDd
Smooth Chocolate AAbbCchCchDD
Smooth Chocolate AAbbCchCchDd
Smooth Chocolate & Tan AAtbbCCDD
Smooth Chocolate & Tan AAtbbCCDd
Smooth Chocolate & Tan AAtbbCCchDD
Smooth Chocolate & Tan AAtbbCCchDd
Smooth Chocolate & Tan AAtbbCchCchDD
Smooth Chocolate & Tan AAtbbCchCchDd
Smooth Chocolate & Tan AtAtbbCCDD
Smooth Chocolate & Tan AtAtbbCCDd
Smooth Chocolate & Tan AtAtbbCCchDD
Smooth Chocolate & Tan AtAtbbCCchDd
Smooth Chocolate & Tan AtAtbbCchCchDD
Smooth Chocolate & Tan AtAtbbCchCchDd
Smooth Chocolate Blue AAbbCCdd
Smooth Chocolate Blue AAbbCCchdd
Smooth Chocolate Blue AAbbCchCchdd
Smooth Chocolate Blue AAybbCCdd
Smooth Chocolate Blue AAybbCCchdd
Smooth Chocolate Blue AAybbCchCchdd
Smooth Chocolate Blue AtAybbCCdd
Smooth Chocolate Blue AtAybbCCchdd
Smooth Chocolate Blue AtAybbCchCchdd
Smooth Chocolate Blue AyAybbCCdd
Smooth Chocolate Blue AyAybbCCchdd
Smooth Chocolate Blue AyAybbCchCchdd
Smooth Chocolate Blue and Tan AAtbbCCdd
Smooth Chocolate Blue and Tan AAtbbCCchdd
Smooth Chocolate Blue and Tan AAtbbCchCchdd
Smooth Chocolate Blue and Tan AtAtbbCCdd
Smooth Chocolate Blue and Tan AtAtbbCCchdd
Smooth Chocolate Blue and Tan AtAtbbCchCchdd
Smooth Cream AAybbCCDD
Smooth Cream AAybbCCDd
Smooth Cream AAybbCCchDD
Smooth Cream AAybbCCchDd
Smooth Cream AAybbCchCchDD
Smooth Cream AAybbCchCchDd
Smooth Cream AtAybbCCDD
Smooth Cream AtAybbCCDd
Smooth Cream AtAybbCCchDD
Smooth Cream AtAybbCCchDd
Smooth Cream AtAybbCchCchDD
Smooth Cream AtAybbCchCchDd
Smooth Cream AyAybbCCDD
Smooth Cream AyAybbCCDd
Smooth Cream AyAybbCCchDD
Smooth Cream AyAybbCCchDd
Smooth Cream AyAybbCchCchDD
Smooth Cream AyAybbCchCchDd
Smooth Fawn AAyBBCchCchDD
Smooth Fawn AAyBBCchCchDd
Smooth Fawn AAyBbCchCchDD
Smooth Fawn AAyBbCchCchDd
Smooth Fawn AtAyBBCchCchDD
Smooth Fawn AtAyBBCchCchDd
Smooth Fawn AtAyBbCchCchDD
Smooth Fawn AtAyBbCchCchDd
Smooth Fawn AyAyBBCchCchDD
Smooth Fawn AyAyBBCchCchDd
Smooth Fawn AyAyBbCchCchDD
Smooth Fawn AyAyBbCchCchDd
Smooth Red AAyBBCCDD
Smooth Red AAyBBCCDd
Smooth Red AAyBBCCchDD
Smooth Red AAyBBCCchDd
Smooth Red AAyBbCCDD
Smooth Red AAyBbCCDd
Smooth Red AAyBbCCchDD
Smooth Red AAyBbCCchDd
Smooth Red AtAyBBCCDD
Smooth Red AtAyBBCCDd
Smooth Red AtAyBBCCchDD
Smooth Red AtAyBBCCchDd
Smooth Red AtAyBbCCDD
Smooth Red AtAyBbCCDd
Smooth Red AtAyBbCCchDD
Smooth Red AtAyBbCCchDd
Smooth Red AyAyBBCCDD
Smooth Red AyAyBBCCDd
Smooth Red AyAyBBCCchDD
Smooth Red AyAyBBCCchDd
Smooth Red AyAyBbCCDD
Smooth Red AyAyBbCCDd
Smooth Red AyAyBbCCchDD
Smooth Red AyAyBbCCchDd

Did you know?
In the United Kingdom, the international championship show Crufts was first held in 1891.