Collie Colors

Blue Head White Rough

Blue Head White Smooth

Blue Merle and White Rough

Blue Merle and White Smooth

Double Dilute Blue Merle Rough

Double Dilute Blue Merle Smooth

Double Dilute Mahogany Merle Rough

Double Dilute Mahogany Merle Smooth

Double Dilute Sable Merle Rough

Double Dilute Sable Merle Smooth

Mahogany Head White Rough

Mahogany Head White Smooth

Mahogany Merle Head White Rough

Mahogany Merle Head White Smooth

Mahogany Merle and White Rough

Mahogany Merle and White Smooth

Mahogany and White Rough

Mahogany and White Smooth

Sable Head White Rough

Sable Head White Smooth

Sable Merle Head White Rough

Sable Merle Head White Smooth

Sable Merle and White Rough

Sable Merle and White Smooth

Sable and White Rough

Sable and White Smooth

Tricolor Rough

Tricolor Smooth

Tri Head White Rough

Tri Head White Smooth

Did you know?
The first obedience title is a CD, or "Companion Dog", which is earned through competition in the Novice obedience class.